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More than a half-century after The Beatles invaded America and he became a household name, Ringo Starr marks a milestone birthday
"I think for the women, it validates what they have been saying for a long time -- for years," Johnson said
Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, filmmakers behind "The Lego Movie" and "21 Jump Street," will direct the anthology film
The premium cable channel joins rival HBO in delivering streaming content to cord-cutters
But a representative for the celebrity chef says she didn't post image of her son made up as Desi Arnaz
"The X-Files" returns in January for a six-episode event series, here's a first glimpse
For decades, Bill Cosby talked tough about acting responsibly and it was that image that proved to be his undoing
​Following Bill Cosby's admission in 2005 that he did obtain quaaludes to have sex with young women, Dickinson still wants more
"I'm very pleased we were able to work things out, and I'm looking forward to donning yellow skin once more," Shearer said
Former rap music mogul is charged with the January 2015 murder of Terry Carter