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Police say the New York man also had starter pistols, pellet guns and boxes of pellets in his luggage
"Mexico cannot go on like this," President Enrique Pena Nieto says, amid scandal over murders of 43 college students
After losing son, Rob and Linda Robertson try to change church policy while helping other evangelical parents accept their gay children
After a traumatic few days, Ferguson is starting the healing process, with help from strangers from near and far
Retail experts expect shoppers to spend about $2.5 billion on Thanksgiving, before Black Friday even begins
U.S. sanctions will continue to be felt in Iran, hampering not only its citizens but investors abroad
Spindly branches of tree in Reading to be decorated with a single red ornamental bulb -- just like in the beloved "Peanuts" holiday tale
There have been only 100 documented cases of injury cricketer Phillip Hughes sustained during match
14-year-old Nigerian child bride is accused of murdering her husband; father is trying to appeal the sentence
Research hones in on the acoustic cues that make some people sound powerful -- and how to fake it

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