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Thousands of apartment buildings vulnerable to collapse in a major quake would get costly upgrades under sweeping new rules
The Department of Homeland Security is investigating changes made to two Republican lawmakers' Wikipedia pages
The homeless man was trying to alert authorities to human remains he found in woods across the roadway from the store, officials say

Inside North Korea

A look inside the notoriously secretive North Korea as it commemorates the 70th anniversary of the ruling Worker's Party
Man at another pump dragged the motorcyclist away from the flames and tried to use his clothing to smother the fire
Columbia trucking in water, laying pipes from nearby rivers to keep hard-hit city supplied
Before little Conan was born, doctors weren't sure if his airways would be blocked; 3D technology helped them decide what to do
Houston police are responding to a shooting at a student housing complex on the edge of the Texas Southern University campus
Fiat Chrysler is offering a discount to entice customers to skip the courts in case of warranty disputes
Fla. couple knew their house was a disaster waiting to happen -- and it happened to the new owners