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The comedian had recorded a spot for her friend's show in which she expresses concern about her voice
Lawmakers ratify closer ties to EU -- issue which sparked crisis -- but they also sign off on bills granting rebellious east more autonomy
The Taliban claims responsibility for a vicious attack in Afghanistan's capital. Also, flames tear through hundreds of homes in California. All that and all that matters in today's "Eye Opener." Your world in 90 seconds.
Police step up protection for judge taking heat over lack of murder conviction for former Paralympic track star
Blazes forced thousands to evacuatge; one was caused by sun's rays reflecting off sheet metal in a homeowner's garden
Allegation arises on same day Vikings star reinstated by team; major sponsor backs out of deal with team over situation
Government sending planes to ferry out tens of thousands who couldn't leave before Odile hit
White House officials say $500 million effort will provide medical and logistical support to the region affected by the outbreak
Massive blast targeting military convoy kills at least one American and rattles neighborhood near U.S. Embassy and base, and usual suspects claim responsibility
Atarti tried to bury legendarily bad video game, but it was dug up -- literally -- after more than three decades

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