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Wild Card Playoffs - Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens

Ravens Fan Loses His Mind

You HAVE to watch this Ravens fan lose his mind.


(Photo Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Matt Schaub Tells e-Harmony Why He’s An Elite QB

Texans quarterback Matt Schaub has been criticized for his recent play, but Schaubby doesn’t let the haters keep him down. He still believes he’s one of the best.


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Toddler Explains Call Made At Outback Bowl [VIDEO]

During the Outback Bowl, a call was made on a play that angered and confused many


Countdown Daily Prediction: Bengals-Texans

The NFL Live crew makes their picks for Cincinnati at Houston.


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UPS Driver Caught On Tape Stealing iPad Mini [VIDEO]

Christmas is a season of gift-giving, displaying unconditional love and celebrating joy. However, there are individuals that may believe that the season is all about personal gain and theft


Texans running back Arian Foster (credit: Getty Images)

Record Label Releases “Texans’ Rally Anthem”

Phat C–k Records and Entertainment released a Texans fight song called Texans’ Rally Anthem.



Shasta Clause Is Coming To Town!

Kids of all ages are encouraged to attend the basketball doubleheader this Saturday, December 22, and take pictures with the one and only Shasta Claus!


The Texans offense huddles up before a play. (credit: Getty Images)

Sunday Blitz: Colts-Texans Recap

Prim Siripipat and Cris Carter break down the Texans’ 29-17 win over the Colts.


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Five-Year-Old’s ‘Gansta Football Rap’ Goes Viral!

Forget placing this in the “awwww how cute file” and head directly toward the “football gansta rap of the year” one! A pint-sized football fan, partial to the San Francisco 49ers is making her way around the “viral video hub”!


(credit: Cosmo Condina/Getty Images)

NASA Easing End-Of-The-World Fears

NASA has been working over time to ease people’s minds about Dec. 21 being the feared end of the world. Science does not support this theory, according to a report by Don Yeomans – NASA senior research scientist.