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Students Sneak Into Super Bowl With Video Cameras [VIDEO]

A pair of Savannah State University students reportedly managed to walk in to the Superdome during the Super Bowl with cameras attached to their heads.


(credit: Getty Images)

New “Luxury” Movie Theater Coming To Town

You’ll be able to enhance your movie-going experience even more next year when the concept theatre called “Escape” opens in the River Oaks District.


(credit: Al Bello/Getty Images)

Super Bowl Champion Jacoby Jones On Jimmy Kimmel

Jacoby Jones discusses touchdown dance moves, Dancing With The Stars, gumbo, and much more.


John Lopez and Nick Wright share the kid room with twin beds. (credit: AMR/CBS Houston)

Snore Guard Saves Nick From Lopez’s SnoreFest

Nick and Lopez shared a room with two twin beds while staying at a house in New Orleans for the week of Radio Row before Super Bowl XLVII.


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Local Reporter ‘Bombs’ Videobomber [VIDEO]

Jessica Sanchez, a field reporter for Local 6 News was preparing for a live shot to discuss the Super Bowl when she was “videobombed” by a passerby. The rest was caught on film.


(credit: Twitter account of J.J. Watt)

J.J. Watt Proposes To One Adoring Fan! [VIDEO]

It’s refreshing to know that there are some professional athletes that still take the time to engage with their public. Houston Texans J.J. Watt has taken “engaging with fans” to a whole other loving and devoted level.


(credit: AMR/CBS Radio)

SportsRadio 610’s John Lopez Catches Up With An Old Media Friend At Media Day

John Lopez has been a super popular guy on Radio Row and at Media Day. See if you can recognize this guy!


John Lopez (credit: AMR/CBS Houston)

Lopez Does Push-Ups To Warm Up [VIDEO]

The place where Radio Row in New Orleansis located is colder than most of Houston’s winter days. It’s so cold in here, it’s just mean! Like everybody else here, John Lopez has been shivering all morning […]


(credit: AMR/CBS Houston)

Louisiana Gal Loves In The Loop

We’re loving the Cajun speak we’re hearing in the various parts of Louisina.


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Manti Te’o Goes Public With Hoax; Admits To Lying [VIDEO]

Star Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o has not made headlines recently with any signature football moves or phenomenal plays on the field, but rather an online hoax.