Best Of Mad Radio 12-21-17
The Best Of Mad Radio 7-7We wrap up July 4th week with a fake sports minute, picking on Matt Hammond, and a visit with Wade Smith.
Meltsdown: Rockets Dragging Feet in Coaching SearchMike and Seth rant about the Rockets still not really having a plan for a coach.
Meltsdown: Joe Pa knew since 1976Paul and Seth wonder how some Penn State fans can so blindly defend Paterno and the school.
Meltsdown: Roger Goodell and Troy Vincent Need To Go!Seth goes off on Troy Vincent and Roger Goodell on the whole Deflategate story blowing up the news.
Meltsdown: Bruce Jenner InterviewWhat's the big deal with the Bruce Jenner interview and why did so many people watch it?
Meltsdown: The Thabo Sefalosha StoryWere the Cops at fault for the NBA players injury or was it Thabo Sefalosha?
Meltsdown: Darren Sharper's Plea Deal Not Tough Enough?Darren Sharper only gets ten years in prison for his rape crimes. What's wrong with the system?
Meltsdown: Josh Hamilton ScenarioAngels turning their back on Hamilton through his drug relapse is it right?
Meltsdown: Mike Goes Back In Time For Legendary RantMike brings back a favorite rant from 2013 where he goes nuts
Meltsdown: Rooting For Sports Outcomes That Cause Least Stupid OpinionsMike wants certain outcomes to take place like Clowney succeeding, James Harden, if Golden State wins Barkley could never say a jump shooting team will win a championship.
Meltsdown: Aaron Hernandez and Robert DurstMike, Seth and John McClain discuss the two interesting cases of Robert Durst and Aaron Hernandez.

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