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MaD Radio Consults A Whoopi Coach

Eric Amaranth joins MaD Radio. Eric will watch you make ‘Happy Time’ with your partner and then you give you pointers on being a better lover.

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Why Older Women Are More Satisfied With Their Sex Lives

Many believe that as a woman ages, she becomes less satisfied with her sex life. But new research suggests it’s just the opposite.


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Women Who Withhold Sex

We will eventually discuss the factors that might contribute to a man’s decision to withhold sex from his partner, but let’s focus on the female perspective and the reasoning for her anti-sex choices.


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Sex Good; Relationship Not

Sexual attraction is what draws men to women. You notice her curves, watch her walk and determine if she’s confident and sexually attractive. But sex and relationship should go hand in hand.


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How To Increase Libido In Women

Using equipment in the bedroom will turn your bedroom into a new adventurous playground.

CBS Houston–08/09/2011

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Foods Which May Help With Her Libido

Before running off to see a medicine doctor or ordering mystery drugs off the TV, consider additions to the diet. Several foods are natural ways to increase libido in women.



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