Pera: Chills From Harden Acclaim
Best of In the Loop 3-24-17
Mad Noon Nuggets: LaVar Ball Is A Calculator, Brock Osweiler Is A Used Car, DeAndre Hopkins Is A Lawnmower And Wright Is WrongStuff you may have missed from today's episode of Mad Radio on SportsRadio 610, viral internet videos and Mad Radio producer Landry Locker's takes from stuff going on around the world of sports, entertainment and who knows whatever the heck else. Here are Lan's Mad Nugs from Friday March 24, 2017.
The Best Of Mad Radio 3-24Today on Mad Radio: Richard Deitsch, Greg Fitzsimmons and Wade Smith all join the show. New NFL rule proposals, LaVar Ball keeps entertaining, March Madness good and bad and more. Plus, Seth compares Osweiler to used car and a second round draft pick to a lawnmower.
The Very Best Of Gallant At NightGallant At Night on a Thursday!
How Much Longer Until Something Happens With Tony Romo?How long until Tony Romo is released? Or chooses to retire?
The Very Best Of Gallant At NightGallant At Night on a Wednesday!
Is The 2017 QB Draft Class Better Than We Think?Why are so many NFL Draft people down on the 2017 class?
Best of In the Loop 3-22-17
The Best Of Mad Radio 3-22Today on Mad Radio: Ian Rapoport with the latest on Tony Romo, John McClain on the Texans and ANYTHING else, a disagreement over wording and much more.
Should Texans Turn To Tom Savage If They Miss Out On Tony Romo?How far can the Texans go with Tom Savage as their QB?
Best of In the Loop 3-21-17

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