Pigeon-Toed with Tats

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Will The Real TJ Yates Stand Up?

Passing out on the floor can mean a couple different things. Perhaps I went out and got so rowdy on a Monday night that I came home only to stumble to the floor and pass out.


(Patricia Estrada/ CBS Radio)

The Tension Mounts

Let’s get on with the body count in terms of our Houston Texans!


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It’s Been Awhile

My partner coined a term over the weekend and all I could do when I saw it was laugh.


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Mojos And Haikus

It’s Wednesday so that means two things.


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Are The Houston Rockets Contenders?

After an uneventful Fourth of July and the ensuing NBA Free Agent fireworks that were set off Friday, I’ve listened over and over for the past 50-some-odd hours to varying points of view about Dwight Howard coming to “H-Town”.


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There Will Be Fun

I haven’t done radio all that long.


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D12 And The Boss Of All Bosses

We’re definitely in the dog days of the sports calendar !


A Father-Daughter Bonding Moment

There’s no manual on how to parent a 10-year-old girl. It’s an emotional checkpoint when you wake up one day and realize the sweet, innocent little girl who was fascinated by Disney princesses, fed you […]


1. Fruity Facial

This ‘Grabs for You’ Social Experiment…

You know how we love a good social experiment on the Fred and Ted Show… First off, I didn’t get a blog post in yesterday – as our girl and friend of the program Kat […]


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A Couple Of ‘First-Times’ This Weekend

That headline got your mind worked up a little bit didn’t it?



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