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Retired Librarian: Elementary School Infested By Rats For Over A Year

A retired 13-year school employee says rats have infested Winn Elementary School for the past year-and-a-half, prompting many classes to relocate and teachers to feel “afraid” of the rat infestation.


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University Of Oklahoma Fraternity Members In Video Apologize For Racist Chant

DALLAS (AP) — A former University of Oklahoma fraternity member who was shown in a video chanting a racial slur issued an apology Tuesday, as did the parents of a second student. In a statement […]


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2 University Of Oklahoma Students Expelled Over Frat’s Racist Video

A racist chant by several members of a University of Oklahoma fraternity that was caught on video led to outrage from the school’s president and the expulsion of two students, but fallout from the incident appears far from over.


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University of Texas Fraternity Received Prior Party Complaints

An investigation into a University of Texas fraternity whose portrayal of Hispanics at a party offended students has been completed and no sanctions are forthcoming, a university official said Thursday.


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Family Claims Principal Used Marker To Color In Haircut Because It Looked Gang-Related

It’s not uncommon for school administrators to regulate behavior or grades, but what about a student’s a haircut? A Texas mother is raising concerns after finding out an assistant principal drew on her son’s scalp to fill in the lines of his haircut.



Study: Rocky Mountains Safest Spot To Hide From US Zombie Outbreak

Cornell University researchers suggest that in the event of a zombie outbreak the best place for Americans to hide during the full-scale takeover would be the northern Rockies – or just about anywhere but a major city.


Picture of a banner with an image of late Colombian Literature Nobel Prize laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez and one of his quotes '(What matters in) life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it,' seen during the tribute paid to him at the Fine Arts Palace in Mexico City on April 21, 2014.  (YURI CORTEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

University Of Texas Paid $2.2 Million For Garcia Marquez Archive

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The University of Texas’ literary archive said Wednesday it paid $2.2 million for the works of Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a price the school sought to keep secret until ordered […]


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Teacher Fired For Stuffing 11 Kids In Car To Go On Candy Run To Wal-Mart

An Oklahoma school board has fired a math teacher and yearbook instructor after she went on a candy run with 11 students, including two locked in the trunk of her car.


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Students Exposed To Tear Gas After Jail Releases It Into Air During Training

South Texas school district reports 18 students and staff members have been treated for suspected exposure to tear gas used for training at a nearby state jail.


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Houston To Open First-Ever Arabic Language Immersion School

Houston will see its first-ever Arabic language immersion school.


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