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Sleeping Can Help You Lose Weight

Sleep deprivation can cause hormone imbalance, appetite increase and, thus, weight gain.

CBS Houston–09/28/2011

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Vitamins That Increase Energy

Taking a shot of 5-Hour Energy or chugging a can of Red Bull aren’t the only ways to increase energy. Increasing vitamin intake can help do the trick as well without the caffeine overload.


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Five Facts About Baldness For Men

Get to know the facts about male-pattern baldness and the medicines that can help.


(credit: HealthyStuff.org)

60 Percent Of Car Seats Tested Contain Toxic Chemicals

Results of 105 car seats tested by HealthyStuff.org reveal that more than half contain at least one of the tested toxic chemicals.


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Foods Which May Help With Her Libido

Before running off to see a medicine doctor or ordering mystery drugs off the TV, consider additions to the diet. Several foods are natural ways to increase libido in women.


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5 Ways Video Games Can Destroy Your Health

Video games can result more problems that you think.

CBS Houston–08/05/2011

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Video Game Overuse: Symptom Of A Bigger Problem

Video game overuse is similar to addiction, it is possible that its just a symptom of a bigger problem.

CBS Houston–08/02/2011


How To Increase Metabolism

Your metabolism rate depends on your genetic ability to burn calories, the calories you ingest and the amount of calories you burn.

CBS Houston–07/25/2011

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10 Medical Tests Men Need

According to information provided by AHRQ.gov, men need to get 10 preventive medical tests to stay healthy.