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Hypnosis Is Like Having The Best Sex, Bottle of Wine & Massage

New Years is a time to make resolutions. I think no matter what the resolution, there’s always a part of us–no matter how tiny–that is anxious, nervous, scared or doubtful about accomplishing our resolutions.


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How To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Cellulite can be found on people with average weight and obese body types.

CBS Houston–11/04/2011

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Sleeping Can Help You Lose Weight

Sleep deprivation can cause hormone imbalance, appetite increase and, thus, weight gain.

CBS Houston–09/28/2011

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Vitamins That Increase Energy

Taking a shot of 5-Hour Energy or chugging a can of Red Bull aren’t the only ways to increase energy. Increasing vitamin intake can help do the trick as well without the caffeine overload.


Celebrity fitness trainer Steve Zim. (credit: www.zimfit.com)

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Creates App To Get You In Shape At Affordable Price

It’s a customized workout designed with your body type in mind. A celebrity fitness trainer came up with the method…but you can get in shape for a lot less than the stars pay.


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Foods Which May Help With Her Libido

Before running off to see a medicine doctor or ordering mystery drugs off the TV, consider additions to the diet. Several foods are natural ways to increase libido in women.



How To Increase Metabolism

Your metabolism rate depends on your genetic ability to burn calories, the calories you ingest and the amount of calories you burn.

CBS Houston–07/25/2011

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10 Medical Tests Men Need

According to information provided by AHRQ.gov, men need to get 10 preventive medical tests to stay healthy.


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How To Lose Belly Fat

WikiHow.com says try these seven things to help lose belly fat.