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A file photo of an engagement ring. (credit: Mark Von Holden/Getty Images)

‘In Descent’ Proposal: A Pilot’s Insane Way Of Proposing

Ryan Thompson proposed to his girlfriend Carlie Kennedy in perhaps the most unique way ever.



Study Says You Should Cool It With The Facebook Stalking

In some instances it is easy to evict an ex from your social media life. Most break-ups, however, end in a question of etiquette with regards to Facebook: do you unfriend the ex? Are you being the bigger person if you don’t unfriend? Can you stop yourself from Facebook stalking?


(credit: JOSEPH BARRAK/AFP/Getty Images)

Best Places In Houston To Meet Single Men

Being the fourth most populated city in the nation, Houston has several different places where you can meet hot single men.


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Do Women Really Use This On Their Girly Parts?

If I were a pimp, I’d make all of my ladies use this.



Five Bizarre Effects Sex Has on The Brain

Sex makes our brains feel a sudden, almost overwhelming sense of joy that quickly fades us back to our lame realities.


(credit: ARCHIVE/AFP/Getty Images)

Women Fantasize About Threesomes With Other Women

We kicked off a new feature called ‘Ask A Girl Anything’ on MaD Radio. It’s just what the name implies that it is. If you have a question that you’ve always wanted to ask a woman then text us and we’ll ask them.


(credit: ARCHIVE/AFP/Getty Images)

MaD Radio Consults A Whoopi Coach

Eric Amaranth joins MaD Radio. Eric will watch you make ‘Happy Time’ with your partner and then you give you pointers on being a better lover.


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Awkward Radio Marriage Proposal

Check out this weird marriage proposal heard on a Austin-based radio show.



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