PENDERGAST: Bob McNair Is Not Perfect, He's Also Not RacistTo me, the worst part about the most recent demonstrations is that they were based on interpreting Bob McNair’s “inmates running the prison” as a literal description. For the record, McNair apologized and clarified that he wasn’t referring to the players as prisoners, but the league office setting policy without owner input, but that doesn’t even matter really. It doesn’t matter whom McNair was referring to as “prisoners” because taking a commonly used analogy literally, even in its butchered form, is absurd. 
Evacuation Route For Sienna PlantationHere is the route you take.
Texans Training Camp Battle Odds — Various Roster SpotsOk, we’ve got nearly a week’s worth of observations with my real eyeballs, so let’s finish out our Pendergast Sports Book series on the Texans’ preseason with a few final bets….
Texans Training Camp Battle Odds — Right TackleBut right tackle is a whole other deal. That position is an island. Sure you can help out the guy over there with a tight end or maybe a running back is chipping guys on that side, but ultimately your right tackle needs to win one on one battles. ESPECIALLY IF YOU PLAN TO START A ROOKIE QUARTERBACK.
GAME OF THRONES: Bovada Has Installed A Prohibitive Favorite To Sit On The Iron Throne (Spoiler Alert, sort of)At any rate, here we are. It all starts back Sunday night. People prepare in different ways for these types of events. Some throw watch parties, some re-watch the first trailer a hundred or so times….
[WATCH] Thief Trips Over Pants Trying To Get AwayThe cops are still looking for them.
[WATCH] Rob & Rex Ryan Get In Bar Fight In NashvilleFrom what I know about the Ryan brothers through former players that have had them as position coaches, coordinators, or head coaches, they love playing for these guys! Now, that doesn’t necessarily make them good coaches, it just means that they connect well with players, that they undeniably have pretty good people skills.
Gronk Stars In New Booty And Cleavage Filled Music VideoI mean, this ain’t Game of Thrones. But there is a lot of wet skin, bouncing, and Gronk — which puts the floor for this video at a B+.
How To Have A Perfect Uber Passenger RatingWhile a 4.82 is not exactly Ivy League Uber Passenger material, I think I do know what makes some of these drivers tick. In short, I am in a position to advise you on how to be BETTER than me. AND WAY BETTER THAN GARRET THE WEB GUY!!
Larry in Stafford: Watson Trade "Greatest Thing The Texans Have Done"Take a listen to Larry’s call. A, it made me reflect and smile and, above all, thank all of the football gods that the Texans made a move for a quarterback…..
PENDERGAST: My Top 6 Draft Targets For Houston Texans 2017How many other media member had the Texans top two draft choices from 2016 in their six prospects to watch, and not just six to watch in the first round, or the first two days, but for the ENTIRE DRAFT. I’ll tell you how many other media members had that — NONE. NONE MEDIA MEMBERS. THAT’S how many.
Pendergast: Top 10 WrestleMania Matches Of All Time

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