Pigeon-Toed with Tats

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A Hail Mary, Ed Reed And A New Segment…

This is it. Like a defense backed up inside its own five yard line and the offense threatening to take a lead with only a few yards separating a win or a loss, The Fred and Ted Show are up against it – and I don’t mean a break.



Haiku Humpday

You read that correct folks. It’s the segment that hits you harder than a Matt Schaub screen pass to Andre on third and eight that only goes for six yards and the team is forced […]


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It’s Serious; This Kid Needs A Date

I like to think that I can get through anything. Maybe that’s false bravado, tough talk, or it helps me sleep at night. Whatever the reason, I’ve gone through plenty in 32 years and a […]


adrenaline shot

It’s Creatine Loading Phase Week…

Oh yeah…. It’s Monday, which may bring a smile to some of your faces, others may cringe with apathy as it’s the start to another work week, but never fear folks, what today really means […]


(Photo Credit: Fred Davis)

Henry Thomas = Houston’s Finest

One of the things Teddy J and I pride ourselves on is conducting good interviews.


Fred Davis

Pigeon-Toed with Tats

Let me welcome you to the Premiere of the ‘Pigeon-Toed with Tats’ Blog which is the official unofficial blog of the best evening show in the history of radio.



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