Pigeon-Toed with Tats

Sophie Monk Promotes Bra Range In Sydney

Surviving the VIP Party…

Okay, so there weren’t Playboy bunnies lining the hallways and Hugh Heffner didn’t have half of the Marque sectioned off for his entourage of babes. Instead, the bartenders wore fluffy bunny ears, little bunny tails […]


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Chances Are James Feels Better Than Hernandez Right Now

It’s good to be a Miami Heat fan.


Tune In Now….

Sorry Fred and Tedders….. I said I would post everyday – sorry for the delay – but Todd Ward is about to join us right away….!   I’ll give you guys more tomorrow….. 


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Haiku Themes Are Set; Game 7 Anyone?

I’m worried about my prediction.


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Re-do to the Re-Do

Are we there yet….? I know, we’re still 59 days away from the Mud Run Challenger, but remember, Aug. 17 will be here before you know it, and for those of you that will be […]


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Day 60: Moving Day

Routines are a mother. Whether good, bad or indifferent, they provide a daily ritual that if done correctly, serves as a healthy start to your day, afternoon or whatever it is your routine helps you […]


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The Greatest Call in F&T’s Short-lived Existence…

One major component of talk radio, regardless of the genre, that can either help enhance, cripple or stagnate a show are you – the caller. Some people feel that more calls make for a better […]


Fred Davis0109

Back in the Saddle…

Shame on me. That’s right. Shame on Me. There’s no excuse for not posting a blog entry in almost TWO weeks. Nevertheless, we’re back, the routine is back on and let’s get down to business. There’s […]


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The Midweek Sendoff… Watch Your Butts!

Where to begin HTown…. There is probably as much excitement around the city of Houston right now as one could hope for in the doldrums of the sports calendar. Considering the Astros are historically bad, the […]


(Photo Credit: Patricia Estrada/ CBS Houston)

Delayed Wrap-Up And Dating Success… Sort Of…

Let’s get down to brass tax “ladies and gents”.



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