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Spoiler Alert: True Detective Is Truly Over-Complicated

Paul Gallant and Jim Mudd talk about the latest True Detective, a Game of Thrones announcement, plus Daredevil and Bloodline.

SportsRadio 610–26 mins ago

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GallantCast: How The Ends Sometimes Justify The Means

From the Patriots scandals, to Caitlyn Jenner, and even Lance Armstrong, Paul explains how the ends can sometimes justify the means.

SportsRadio 610–07/31/2015

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The Bracket: Karaoke Killers

In this week’s bracket, Brien Straw and Paul Gallant break down the worst kind of people at Karaoke.

SportsRadio 610–07/28/2015


Spoiler Alert: Whole ‘Lotta Nothing

Paul Gallant and Jim Mudd try to make sense of the many sub-plots on “True Detective”. Plus, they discuss Netflix shows “Daredevil” & “Bloodline”.

SportsRadio 610–07/27/2015

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The GallantCast: Stop Wasting Your Time

On the latest GallantCast, Paul Gallant rants about some of the time-wasters we deal with in life.

SportsRadio 610–07/23/2015

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The Bracket: King Of The Animal Kingdom

In this week’s Bracket, Paul Gallant and Brien Straw discuss nature’s most deadly animals.

SportsRadio 610–07/22/2015


This Is SportsRadio 610 – “Gettcha Popcorn Ready”

Find out why B-Straw & Pauly G are always obsessing about popcorn! See All This Is SportsRadio 610 Episodes Episode 11 – “Dehorning” Episode 10 – “Smack Talk” Episode 9 – “Failed Interpretation” Episode 8 […]



Spoiler Alert: Three Episodes Too Late?

In the latest Spoiler Alert podcast, Paul Gallant & Jim Mudd discuss Sunday’s “True Detective” and the “Fear The Walking Dead” trailer

SportsRadio 610–07/20/2015


Spoiler Alert: Did A Shootout Save True Detective?

In the latest Spoiler Alert podcast, Paul Gallant and Jim Mudd discuss the most recent episode of True Detective.

SportsRadio 610–07/15/2015

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GallantCast: Why Didn’t Llull Come To Houston?

In the latest GallantCast, Paul Gallant talks all things Sergio Llull with European basketball scout/journalist Sam Meyerkopf

SportsRadio 610–07/10/2015