PENDERGAST: Bob McNair Is Not Perfect, He's Also Not RacistTo me, the worst part about the most recent demonstrations is that they were based on interpreting Bob McNair’s “inmates running the prison” as a literal description. For the record, McNair apologized and clarified that he wasn’t referring to the players as prisoners, but the league office setting policy without owner input, but that doesn’t even matter really. It doesn’t matter whom McNair was referring to as “prisoners” because taking a commonly used analogy literally, even in its butchered form, is absurd. 
LOPEZ: An Uncomfortable Day In The NFL; Did It WorkWhen numerous players at every NFL venue protested during the playing of the National Anthem on Sunday, did it make you angry? Or did it make you uncomfortable? The answer is important.
Tom Savage Failed O'Brien's Test With 4th-&-6 CallThis call was ostensibly much worse. This was different than calling a draw on third and long.
Seth Payne's Thoughts & Observations Texans/Patriots Day 2Random thought I need to get out of the way:  Brandon Weeden throws a damn impressive football.  Y’all laughed when Jerry Jones said it a couple years back, but the old man was right.  Is there more to playing quarterback than throwing a pretty ball?  Oh God, yes.  But just let me enjoy watching Brandon Weeden passes for what they are---works of art rivaling Da Vinci’s early work, and let’s not worry about where they land.
Seth Payne's Texans Patriots Joint Training Camp Observations
Seth Payne's 9 Random Thoughts & 19 Practice Thoughts From West Virginia Jared Allen got away with it, but he was really good and he was wearing #69 as an adolescent joke. A joke which WILL NEVER STOP BEING FUNNY.
Texans Training Camp Battle Odds — Various Roster SpotsOk, we’ve got nearly a week’s worth of observations with my real eyeballs, so let’s finish out our Pendergast Sports Book series on the Texans’ preseason with a few final bets….
Texans Training Camp Battle Odds — Outside LinebackerI don’t think I’ m breaking any new ground by saying that the Texans’ front seven on defense has a chance to be one of the most fearsome units in all of the NFL this season. With J.J. Watt returning from injury and Jadeveon Clowney with another season of self-actuaization under his belt, this unit will be as fearsome as any in the league — a pack of crazed dogs for the new millennium!
Meltser: Astros Come In Short At Deadline; Still Bright SideMike Meltser gives his thoughts on the Astros remaining relatively quiet at the trade deadline
A Little Too Early But Kinda Relevant Look at the Texans 53-Man RosterIn the Loop's Cody Stoots takes a sorta, kinda, too early look at the Texans 53-man roster.
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck: DeShaun Watson already looking the part of starterBut it is telling how much O'Brien has immersed Watson into situations and rotations otherwise reserved for the starting quarterback. He's taken almost as many reps as Savage. He's been tested against the first-team defense more than presumed back-up quarterbacks ever experience during camp -- especially this early in camp. He's also regularly earned high praise from O'Brien, which is especially enlightening considering Watson is a rookie.
Be like Mike? How less can mean more for J. J. Watt

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