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Money Mondays

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Save Your Money Monday: Getting Great Deals On Used Furniture

Furniture shopping can be a joyous experience. Sometimes the perfect piece is something that has been lovingly used before.


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Save Your Money Mondays: Have Fun Where You’re Planted!

If funds seem to be short for you, there is no need to worry or fret. Life can throw curve balls at plans you made so what do you do to have fun when funds are limited?


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Save Your Money Monday: Graduates: Where’s Your Money?

OK, you recent graduates. Congratulations on finishing your college education! Welcome to the real world.


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Save Your Money Monday: Cut Costs Of Fruits & Vegetables

Eating healthy is something many of us strive to do on a regular basis. So when it comes to purchasing fruits and vegetables, what are ways to save money and still get great food packed with vitamins and nutrients?


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Save Your Money Monday: Savings With Save Your Money Monday

I am one who knows lots about the Kilt skirts and oxford shirts! Spending the majority of my time in Catholic schools, uniforms were a staple.


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Save Money Monday: Cutting Hair Care Costs

When it comes to personal grooming, there are ways to cut costs and still look great! When it comes to hair care, there are ways to trim dollars so that it makes great sense!


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Save Your Money Monday: Getting Great Hotel Room Rates!

When it comes to vacationing and deciding to get a hotel room, there’s nothing quite like a comfortable, clean and colorful hotel room, that was purchased at a great rate.


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Save Your Money Monday: Throw A Great Independence Day Picnic

This week, hundreds of Fourth of July celebrations will take place all over the country! From the huge to the heartfelt, there will be great food, folks and fun for everyone!


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Save Your Money Monday: Great Beach Vacation Ideas

here’s nothing like a great beach getaway! When it comes to planning a trip to the sand and sea, it’s all about having a great time and saving as much money as you can.


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Save Your Money Monday: Cut Those Costs For Summer Camp!

With school out, summer camps for the kids serve as a great alternative to boredom. Check out these summer camp tips that will ensure a great, festive and economically sound way your kids can have fun!



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