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  • Tuesday, January 24th
  • Laurence Holmes on 670 The Score - Hour 1 - 1/24/2017

    In the first hour of the show, Laurence is a little baffled by Dwyane Wade's comments about next year. The Tribune's David Haugh checks in on Wade, The Super Bowl, and the Bears future
  • CBS2 LA News Update 5:00PM

    The latest news and weather from CBS Los Angeles.
  • 670 The Score Interview: David Haugh with Laurence Holmes (1/24/2017)

    The Chicago Tribune's Lead Columnist David Haugh calls Laurence to talk about Dwyane Wade's comments on possibly leaving. the Super Bowl matchup, and upcoming important decisions for the Bears
  • 1-24-17 John Williams Show 6pm: Frontline on Trump

    In this hour John talked to Frontline producer Mike Wiser about their documentary "Trump's Road to the White House"
  • Interview: Steve Smith

    Steve Smith discusses the latest in the NBA
  • Philadelphia Agenda

    Listen to the Philadelphia Agenda with Brad Segall.
  • Philadelphia Agenda

    Listen to the Philadelphia Agenda with Brad Segall.
  • KDKA-TV News PM Headlines (1/24)

    Your latest news and weather headlines from KDKA-TV News.
  • Magid Tech Report: Android Instant Apps

    Google is testing apps that users can run on Android phones without having to download them. They’re called instant apps and KCBS Technology Analyst Larry Magid explains how they work.
  • Interview: Andrew Fillipponi

    Andrew Fillipponi discusses the future of Ben Roethlisberger with DA
  • Bully Chaz Masters

    The Berkner bully, Chaz Masters, joins the Ben and Skin show.
  • Ben and Skin see their former teachers

    Ben and Skin talk with their former teachers at Berkner and KT tries to get as much dirt on them as possible.
  • Everson Walls

    Former Berkner Ram and Dallas Cowboy, Everson Walls, joins the Ben and Skin as they broadast live from Berkner. 
  • Back To Berkner

    Ben and Skin reminisce on high school as they broadcast live from Berkner, where they both graduated.
  • Aqib Talib

    Ben and Skin talk with former Berkner Ram and Super Bowl champ, Aqib Talib, live from Berkner High School in Richardson.
  • CBS13 Sacramento Evening News Update 1/24/17

    The rain is done, it's time for news!
  • Car Chronicles 2 01-24-17

    It may not be easy for auto makers to build new plants in the U.S.; WWJ's Jeff Gilbert has more.
  • Segment 12 - 28 Days Later

    Everyone at the Fan is sick and falling apart, but Dukes continues to roll the bolder up the hill. Roll out the trashcans.
  • Car Chronicles 1 01-24-17

    How tough is it to build an auto plant? WWJ's Jeff Gilbert explains.
  • Segment 11 - Brian McNally

    Brian McNally is in Mobile, Alabama to cover the Senior Bowl and maybe talk to some of the front office people of the Redskins. Maybe.
  • The Feldman Report: Afternoon Edition 01-24-17

    WWJ's Murray Feldman weekday mornings and afternoon segments that offer up various consumer news and more.
  • Your Eye On Health: Sleeping Pills

    WWJ Newsradio 950's Dr. Deanna Lites keeps you up to date on the latest health topics.
  • 1-24-17 John Williams Show 5pm: Health Care & Green Line

    In this hour John talked to Mary Agnes Carey from Kaiser Health News about how the GOP may replace Obamacare.  Then Jordana talked about famous Oscar snubs on this week's "Green Line"
  • Segment 10 - Jason La Canfora

    NFL insider for CBS Sports, Jason La Canfora joins CDVTW to discuss the Atlanta/Patriots match-up, the Redskins coaching search and much more.
  • 1-24-17 John Williams Show 4pm: Frank Vascellaro & Solar Power

    In this hour, John talked with Frank about today's top news stories.  Then he was joined by Ryan Buege and Brian Allen from All Energy Solar to talk about how you can reduce your electric bill
  • The Bernstein and Goff Show on 670 The Score - Hour 5 - 01/24/2017

    In the final hour, Dan and Jason do "It's On", and cross talk with Laurence Holmes.
  • Segment 9 - Curry Kids and the Bandwagon fan - 2

    Stephen Curry has the number one selling jersey in 43 different states across this country. Have the bandwagon fans we all know gotten worse? Part 2
  • Andre Blake on Offseason and Returning to Union

    KYW's Greg Orlandini and Philly Soccer Page writer Mike Servedio interview Philadelphia Union goalkeeper Andre Blake. Blake and the rest of the team had their first full day of training Tuesday as MLS preseason begins.
  • Segment 8 - Curry Kids and the Bandwagon fan - 1

    Stephen Curry has the number one selling jersey in 43 different states across this country. Have the bandwagon fans we all know gotten worse? Part 1
  • Mark Zinno Interview with Dan Shaughnessy

    After Dan Shaughnessy wrote a scathing column in the Boston Globe about the boring Super Bowl versus the Atlanta Falcons, Mark Zinno asks Shaughnessy why he maed the comments.

  • Segment 7 - Michael Phillips

    Michael Phillips covers our Washington Redskins for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and he joins the show to discuss the coaches, Cousins and more.
  • 3T - Ted Talk on AFC Championship Game

    Ted Johnson breaks down the film on the AFC Championship game between the Steelers and Patriots on an all-new Ted Talk.
  • James Comey Will Stay on as FBI Director

    FBI Director James Comey says President Trump has asked him to stay on the job. CBS News Investigative Producer Pat Milton talks about Trump's decision to keep Comey, despite previously criticizing him for not filing charges against Hillary Clinton regarding her private e-mail server.
  • E-Sports Hits the Big Ten

    Colleges from the Big Ten, including Rutgers, are putting together new e-sports teams to compete against each other and put the matches on TV.
  • 670 The Score Interview: Joe Cowley with Bernstein and Goff - 1/24/2017

    Joe Cowley joins the show from Orlando to discuss the Dwyane Wade news from this mornings shoot-around
  • The Bernstein and Goff Show on 670 The Score - Hour 4 - 1/24/2017

    Dan Bernstein and Jason Goff check in with Joe Cowley in the wake of the Dwyane Wade news from shootaround this morning to start off hour number 4
  • Free Ice Cream Socials

    Joe Connolly says Beekman Boys 1802 is an example of how a company's physical store is now as important as the base of their online marketing as it is for the sales they get in the store.
  • NFL Getting What It Deserves

    Adam Jones and Nick Cattles dicuss the down ratings for the NFL playoff games and say that the league does not deserve a competitive Super Bowl.
  • Secret Service Agent Says She Wouldn't Take Bullet For Trump | TheRich Zeoli Show

    A senior US Secret Service agent says she wouldn't take a bullet for President Trump.
  • The Role of Lynparza

    Dr. Rakowski explains how with some malignancies it's about repairing mistakes or breaks in the DNA.
  • Doug Gottlieb Show 1-24-17 Hour 3

    Oregon Ducks Football / Grayson Allen / Ben Roethlisberger l Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams Running Back joins the show l The Press: Russell Westbrook l Pacman Jones l Tom Brady fumble l Jim Harbaugh l Washington Wizards
  • Dr. Thomas Rakowski, Director of Hematology/Oncology at Valley Medical Group, Luckow Cancer Center in Paramus, NJ

    Dr. Thomas Rakowski, Director of Hematology/Oncology at Valley Medical Group, Luckow Cancer Center in Paramus, NJ, explains the cancer drug Lynparza, how it works, and who it can help.
  • CBS 2 Chicago News Update

    CBS 2 Chicago News Update
  • The Baldcast with J.T. Wilcox - 1/24/17

    Guest: Mick Arteaga
  • 3T - Was Wade Phillips a Troublemaker in Denver?

    Sean, Rich & Ted talk about rumors that Wade Phillips was at the center of the locker room drama in Denver this season.
  • 3T - On Jimmy Garoppolo to the Texans Rumors

    Sean, Rich & Ted talk about rumors that the Houston Texans might be interested in trading for Jimmy Garoppolo.
  • Mike Francesa Open 01-24-17

    Mike opens his show with some continued thoughts on the Pats / Falcons in the Super Bowl.
  • 3T - Might Ben Roethlisberger Retire?

    Sean, Rich & Ted talk about an interview Ben Roethlisberger did in Pittsburgh where he was very non-committal about how much longer he would continue to play football.
  • 1/24/17 - The Lo-Down - Hour 3

    In the final hour of the Lo-Down the guys ask, "Which quarterback gains the most from a Super Bowl Win Tom Brady, or Matt Ryan"? The guys then started debating Peyton Manning's career. Finally, the guys end the show talking about Steve Kerr's thoughts on the players All-Star voting. All that and more on The Lo-Down exclusively on Sports 1140 KHTK daily from 12-3PM.
  • 1/24/17 - The Lo-Down - Hour 2

    In the second hour of the show the guys start with the news that Ben Roethlisberger might retire, and then get in to "Three The Hard Way." The guys then somehow got on to love songs, and Ken's dislike for 90's love songs. Finally, the guys ended the hour talking about the NCAA giving and "in season" look at Championship Brackets in February. All that and more on The Lo-Down exclusively on Sports 1140 KHTK daily from 12-3PM.
  • Philly Finds Racism & Discrimination Rampant in Gayborhood | The Rich Zeoli Show

    Mayor Kenney to impose mandatory diversity training in Philadelphia's Gayborhood?
  • 1/24/17 - The Lo-Down - Hour 1

    The guys start the Lo-Down talking about the Kings win over the Pistons last night. Then the guys came up with the idea of a "Star Swap" in the NBA where a team could switch star players for a week to see how they would do on a different team. Next, the guys talk about both the Cavaliers and Warriors both losing last night. The guys finished the show talking more NBA talking about Russell Westbrook and James Harden's stat lines last night. All that and more on The Lo-Down exclusively on Sports 1140 KHTK daily from 12-3PM.
  • January 24th 2017, 3-4pm

    Will Missouri become a one-plate state? KMOX Executive Producer Fred Bodimer received an award today from the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Missouri House Speaker Todd Richardson discusses the budget, cuts, and what lies ahead in this new session of the state legislature. NASCAR changes its point system to reward drivers within races. Native St. Louisan and former NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace explains the changes. Our Audio Cut of the Day features White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer discussing accusations of voter fraud by President Trump.
  • The Best Of The Doug Gottlieb Show 1-24-17

    In today's podcast Doug discusses Ben Roethlisberger's comments on the possibility of retirement, why Lebron James needs to look in the mirror plus why is Duke struggling?  Minnesota Viking TE Kyle Rudolph joins the show. 
  • 3T - XFL 30 for 30 Director Charlie Ebersol

    Sean, Rich & Ted talk to Charlie Ebersol, the director of the upcoming ESPN 30 for 30 titled "This Was the XFL," about the film and the impact the XFL had on major pro sports leagues that can still be seen today.
  • Mikes Likes It

    Mikes Likes It on the GBag Nation. 
  • Baseball Nuggets

    Baseball Nuggets with Mike Bacsik.
  • January 24th – Hour 4

    In the fourth and final Hour, Felger and Mazz continued to take calls and preview the New England Patriots Super Bowl matchup against the Atlanta Falcons.  To close out the show, it’s the Final Word with Jim Murray.
  • Johnny Holzum

    Johnny Holzum, leader of the American country and rock band, Well Hungarians, profiled by Mark Reardon

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