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  • Monday, January 23rd
  • Weekend Confessional 1-23-17

    Adam "Pacman" Jones has some not so nice remarks while under the influence of alcohol and Paul saw a man at a bar that had an unconventional pet.
  • Nerd It Up 1-23-17

    They finally revealed the title of the upcoming Star Wars Episode 8.
  • Mobs vs Cults 1-23-17

    Paul questions the commitment of Josh's "cult" after a certain playoff team's fan went beyond the call of fan duty.
  • Nightly News 1-23-17

    Johnny Manziel is giving Donald Trump advice on social media use.
  • Show Open 1-23-17

    Parity in sports is really hard to find in sports now.
  • Bruce Matthews 1-23-17

    Houston Oilers legend and NFL Hall of Fame offensive lineman Bruce Matthews joins Gallant At Night to talk about the Falcons run in the playoffs, the success of the Matthews' family, and the Texans' 2016 campaign.
  • Friday, January 20th
  • Last Call 1-20

    A Nazi got punched and more in the Last Call.
  • Late Night Snack 1-20

    In the Late Night Snack: an odd theft that Paul can kinda understand.
  • Rockets Lose vs Warriors

    Paul reacts to the Rockets' 125-108 loss vs the Warriors at Toyota Center
  • Nerd It Up

    Paul discusses a documentary of the man with the biggest dangalang in Nerd It Up.  
  • The Hater Party?

    Fed up with the foolishness from both major political parties, Paul decides to create his own.
  • Nightly News 1-20

    Paul discusses all the suddenly ill Steelers players in the Nightly News.
  • Opening Segment

    Paul Gallant opens the show taking all questions on an Ask Me Anything Friday.
  • Thursday, January 19th
  • Late Night Snack 1-19

    Is tipping racist? Paul discusses in the Late Night Snack.
  • Last Call 1-19

    In the Last Call Paul discusses the pettiness that is the Russell Wilson/Future situation and a staunch Brock Osweiler defender emerges.
  • Nerd It Up 1-19

    Nerd it Up: Two superhero movie trailers released and Paul thinks one of them could end up being one of the greatest in the genre.  
  • Adrian Peterson to Houston?

    Could this running back return to form and fix the Texans offense? Gallant breaks it down.  
  • Manziel to Houston?

    Paul Gallant believes he has solved the Texans quarterback issue, and it doesn't involve Tony Romo.  
  • Gallant Nightly News 1-19

    Gallant Nightly News: The NBA All Star Game selections have some people heated, the Seahawks might be in hot water regarding Richard Sherman's injury and more.  
  • George Karl

    Former NBA coach George Karl joins to discuss his controversial comments regarding his former players in his book, the resurgence of the Rockets and more.  
  • Opening Segment

    Paul previews the NFL conference championship games and questions if there's anything to be excited about.  
  • Wednesday, January 18th
  • Late Night Snack 1-18-17

    Shark hunting is pretty cool, but it's even better if you're a group of frat guys.
  • Jeff Bagwell Makes HOF 1-18-17

    Shaun Bijani joins Paul to talk about what Jeff Bagwell making the Hall of Fame means to the city of Houston.
  • Nerd It Up 1-18-17

    Hollywood remakes are starting to get out of hand.
  • Houston Flooding 1-18-17

    Is flooding in Houston the only bad thing about the city?
  • Bad Coaching Habits 1-18-17

    Every coach in the NFL has bad habits.
  • Show Open 1-18-17

    Mike Vrabel is now the defensive coordinator of the Texans and Romeo Crennel is the assistant head coach.
  • Tuesday, January 17th
  • Nerd It Up 1-17-17

    HBO wants to make a prequel for one of their most popular TV shows.
  • Houston Sports Pardons 1-17-17

    What moves by Houston sports teams would you give a pardon to?
  • Nightly News 1-17-17

    Jadeveon Clowney will miss the Pro Bowl.
  • The QB Short List 1-17-17

    If Osweiler and Savage aren't the answer at quarterback, who can the Texans bring in this offseason to compete for the job?
  • Facebook Gate 1-17-17

    The Facebook Live situation with the Steelers is being overblown.
  • Show Open 1-17-17

    If Bill O'Brien takes over the offensive coordinator duties for the Texans, would he be overextending himself?
  • Monday, January 16th
  • The Very Best Of Gallant At Night

    The Very Best of Gallant at Night on a Monday
  • Friday, January 13th
  • Impressing Dad Movies 1-13-17

    Paul and Josh rank the movies of sons trying to impress their dads.
  • Nerd It Up 1-13-17

    The Nintendo Switch started preorders today.
  • Adam Jones 1-13-17

    Adam Jones from 98.5 The Sports Hub joins the show to talk about his dislike of Jadeveon Clowney.
  • Nightly News 1-13-17

    Some of teams are dealing with injuries going into this weekend's playoff games.
  • The Way To Beat The Pats 1-13-17

    There is one very specific way to beat the Patriots.
  • Show Open 1-13-17

    There is a correlation between the Texans and the song The Cat's In The Cradle.
  • Thursday, January 12th
  • Late Night Snack 1-12-17

    A news anchor gets feisty over a minor clothing issue.
  • Nerd It Up 1-12-17

    FX's new show Taboo looks to be a hit.
  • Trade Watt? 1-12-17

    The Texans couldn't trade J.J. Watt even if they wanted to.
  • Nightly News 1-12-17

    The Chargers are moving to LA.
  • Coaches More Important? 1-12-17

    Are coaches more important than a GM to an NFL franchise?
  • Show Open 1-12-17

    The Texans will give themselves the best chance to win by not self-destructing.
  • Late Night Snack 1-11-17

    A guy goes to jail because of cat litter.
  • Clowney Haters 1-11-17

    All of the Clowney haters need to give credit where credit is due.
  • Nerd It Up 1-11-17

    A favorite food tv show is in the city of Houston and Kristen Bell is amazing.
  • Nightly News 1-11-17

    A few more coaching hires have happened in the NFL.
  • Cowboys Fans vs. Patriots Fans 1-11-17

    Which fanbase is more insufferable, Cowboys or Patriots?
  • Show Open 1-11-17

    Paul is starting to get tired of the city of Boston.
  • Tuesday, January 10th
  • Teams We Love To Hate 1-10-17

    What are the teams we love to hate in sports?
  • Late Night Snack 1-10-17

    Grayson Allen is the Duke villain Paul has been waiting for.
  • Pro And Cons Of Social Media 1-10-17

    The Giants' players and Odell Beckham Jr. need to learn restraint on social media.
  • National Championship Greatness 1-10-17

    The National Championship games the last two years have been wildly entertaining.
  • Show Open 1-10-17

    What do the Texans need to do to win in New England?
  • Monday, January 9th
  • Late Night Snack 1-9-17

    Odell Beckham Jr. is once again a giant baby.
  • Nerd It Up 1-9-17

    Mark Hamill brings us a wonderful treat using the voice of "The Joker" and FX's new show Taboo could be a must see.
  • Coaching Rumors Continue 1-9-17

    The rumors about Bill O'Brien just won't stop.

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