By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: John McClain joins the show to address the national perception of the Houston Texans, the Rockets win was nice and awful at the same time, strange suggestions from execs regarding Clowney, Landry Locker puts together Bob McNair’s dream offseason, Ask McClain Anything and more.

Mad Radio reacts to an impressive Rockets win, but the worst broadcast ever and discover that the broadcast was so bad that the show is suffering because of it.

Mad Radio discusses the contract situation of Clowney and why some execs think he should be traded to the class of the AFC.

Mad Radio discusses the long-term status of CP3 with the Rockets. Plus, Seth has a new goal that he plans to put into practice for the remainder of the season.

John McClain responds to the latest national discussion and perception about the Texans organization and discusses what he thinks the Texans will do next week when free agency begins.

Ask McClain Anything 3/10: Proposals, F-Bombs, Football And More

John McClain discusses a potential backup QB the Texans could bring in to mentor Deshaun Watson and more.

Amidst the reckless speculation about the mindset of the Texans front office Landry Locker gives Mad Radio seven moves that would make the 2018 offseason a dream scenario for Texans owner Bob McNair.

Mad Radio discusses moves the Rockets almost made and if they got lucky they didn’t go down and a move the Texans shouldn’t make.


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