By Landry Locker

The Texans are underdogs Sunday night at NRG against the unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs despite all of the excitement surrounding the team coming off their 57-14 win over Tennessee, but Landry Locker of Mad Radio has five reasons why the Texans can beat the unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs Sunday night at NRG Stadium.

Reason No. 1: I’m A Whore For No. 4

I’m sipping it, you’re sipping it, everyone is sipping it. It’s hard not to sip the Deshaun Watson Kool-Aid, he’s fun to watch and his character makes him easy to root for even for the casual observer. Oh yeah, he’s also a dropped interception in Foxborough away from being 3-0 as a starter. He will go through rookie struggles, but right now it’s hard to believe the Texans don’t have a chance to win any game with Watson leading the way.

Reason No. 2: The New Electricity At NRG

The buzz at NRG during Deshaun Watson’s first career home start last Sunday was electric and it started well before the Texans starting beating the hell out of the Titans. You could feel it as soon as Watson was introduced in front of the home crowd. Watson is not only getting the most out of his teammates, but he also appears to be getting the most out of the fans as well.

Reason No. 3: Sunday Night Football At Home

Home teams are 4-0 this year on Sunday Night Football in 2017. Crowds get rowdier when the sun goes down and home field advantage increases. Maybe it’s a coincidence or maybe Jamie Foxx and T-Pain have a better explanation, blame it on the a a a a a a alcohol.

Reason 4: The Chiefs Have Show Signs Of Being Vulnerable To QB Mobility

During Kansas City’s win over Washington last Monday night Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins was able to make two big plays with his feet during the drive that tied the game late in the fourth quarter. Obviously Kansas City will scheme to tame Watson’s mobility more than they did with Cousins, but the fact he was able to make those plays during a critical time is something worth keeping an eye on.

Reason 5: Texans + Will Fuller, Chiefs – Eric Berry

The Chiefs lost Eric Berry, one of the game’s best safeties, in Week 1 of the season. Will Fuller returned to the Texans lineup last week and matched his entire receiving touchdown total of 2016. Fuller was a disappointment in 2016, but one game into his time with Deshaun Watson he looked like a guy who warranted being a first-round pick in the 2016 draft. The addition of Fuller for the Texans combined with the subtraction of Berry for the Texans favors the home team Sunday night.

Score Prediction: Texans 23, Kansas City 24

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  1. Yep. Actually don’t think it’ll be that close. Chiefs, 27-19.

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