By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio:

Women in Mike’s life are taking a surprising interest in Deshaun Watson. Plus, there was almost a show fight yesterday because of Mike’s office gossiping.

Mad Radio discusses if the Texans defense has been disappointing four games into the season and listens to audio of Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce doing what he has been known to do, be a tool.

Mad Radio takes a look at tomorrow’s matchup between the Astros and Red Sox aces and Seth is sick and tired of Mike trying to convince him that Chris Sale has a significant advantage over Justin Verlander.

Mad Radio discusses the SportsRadio 610 report that Bill O’Brien wanted to start Deshaun Watson earlier, but Rick Smith changed his mind after talking to GM Rick Smith.

John McClain reacts to the report that Bill O’Brien wanted to start Watson sooner which leads to an entertaining exchange between him and Seth. Plus, Seth is sick and tired of Aaron Judge mania, but Mike sees him having a case for MVP over Jose Altuve.

John McClain and Seth Payne take each other to task about the Texans offensive line and if there has been as much improvement as many seem to believe.

Another edition of Ask McClain Anything on Mad Radio where listeners can ask The General ANYTHING.

A regular guest on the station says people need to tape the breaks on Deshaun Watson hype on spit out the Kool-Aid. Mike, Seth and John McClain react to the notion and discuss Watson Mania.

Mad Takes w/John McClain: What An O’Brien Rick Smith Convo Sounds Like

Mad Radio discusses who the most valuable player in the NFL is 1/4th through the season and according to John McClain he will be in Houston Sunday Night.

Brian Jones of CBS Radio joins Mad Radio for what is always a fun interaction to discuss Deshaun Watson, college football and more.


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