By Landry Locker

Seth Payne wants to make it clear who isn’t to blame for the Texans loss in New England and Mike Meltser has a prediction/non-prediction about the Astros heading into the playoffs.

Mike and Seth take a look at Sunday’s matchup between Deshaun Watson and Marcus Mariota and if there’s anything to dislike about the Titans quarterback.

Mad Radio discusses the latest NCAA scandal and if anything should be made of it. Plus, Mike’s coffee shop question to a soccer player leads to an early Worst Take Of The Week nominee.

Mad Radio takes a look at the national media’s fascination and admiration for Deshaun Watson. Plus, Seth and Landry think Mike needs a new hero because Bill Simmons is a beating.

Mike Meltser, Seth Payne and John McClain take an in-depth look at the Texans defense’s inability to stop the Patriots and pick of one of the biggest wins in franchise history through the voice of Marc Vandermeer and you won’t believe who is and isn’t to blame.

John McClain discusses his relationship with Bill O’Brien when the Texans head coach refuses to answer his questions and the positives about the Texans three weeks into the season.

Mike, Seth and the listeners enjoy another edition of Ask McClain Anything in which McClain discusses where Deshaun Watson would go in a re-draft of the 2017 draft and more.

Mad Radio goes through John McClain’s candid in-game Tweets during the Texans game and how he feels about them three days later.

John McClain discusses the return of Andrew Luck and the impact it could have on the AFC South. Plus, the biggest surprises in the division so far.




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