By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: The five most encouraging and discouraging things about the Texans, Andre Ware joins the show, TrainWreck Tuesday audio from all of the NFL’s bad situations and more.

The Astros win the Silver Boot, which Mike Meltser is a fan of, and Mad Radio reacts to the conclusion of Week 3 of the NFL season following Monday Night Football.

Mad Radio discusses Bill O’Brien’s snappy defense of his handling of Deshaun Watson during the offseason.

John Lopez of ITL says it’s inarguable that Jadeveon Clowney is a better player than JJ Watt, but is it really that simple? Mad Radio reacts to the latest hot take from their co-worker.

Mad Radio goes through the most discouraging things about the Texans three games into the season.

Mad Radio reacts to Chris Clark’s praise, Carlos Gomez’s comments about the Astros and a broadcasting legend firing shots at Tony Romo.

Corey Chavous joins Mad Radio to talk some college football.

Mad Radio goes through the five most encouraging things they’ve seen from the Texans three weeks into the 2017 season heading into the game against Tennessee.

Andre Ware joins Mad Radio to discuss Bill O’Brien’s clock management against the Patriots, what mistakes he made and Deshaun Watson’s progress two starts into his career.

Mad Radio goes through all the of the wacky, confusing, entertaining audio from the NFL Weekend on another Trainwreck Tuesday including Bill O’Brien’s clock chaos, confusion in Pittsburgh, Chuck Pagano’s post-game speech and OBJ’s dog pee celebration.

Mad Radio discusses the NFL’s latest storyline involving peaceful pre-game protests and the fan reactions to them.

Mike and Seth discuss why Bill O’Brien appears to struggle with clock management and if Deshaun Watson expressed his disappointment with O’Brien’s decision not to go for it on 4th down.

Mike and Seth react to the war of words between the Astros and Rangers and Landry has a whacky idea to make baseball more exciting.


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