By Landry Locker

Today on Mad Radio: Reasons you should hate the Patriots and whether or not the 2017 Patriots are overrated, John McClain’s weekly visit, NFL ratings, thin-skinned athletes, Jaelen Strong finds a new home within the division, the Astros are doing what many want them to do, Deshaun Watson’s task ahead and more.

Landry Locker gives five reasons you should hate the New England Patriots, Mike and Seth react and analyze.

Mad Radio discusses the latest obsession with NFL ratings and what should be made of it.

Three weeks ago people were asking if the Patriots could go unbeaten in 2017, but now they head into Week 3 as a beaten-up 1-1 team. How overrated were the Patriots heading into the season?

Mike and Seth react to Kevin Durant opening fake Twitter accounts to respond to his critics.

There are many reports that Justin Verlander, not Dallas Keuchel, will start Game 1 for the Astros when the playoffs begin unless something happens in the final 12 games of the season. Is this the right move?

In today’s Ask McClain anything John talks NFL, life and his interactions with movie star/fake Patriots fan, Mark Wahlberg.

Things get heated as John McClain and Seth Payne discuss the Texans offensive line struggles and Bill O’Brien’s offense heading into the matchup in New England.

John McClain joins Mad Radio in Mad Takes to discuss the truth about the tension between James Harden and Dwight Howard, Tom Herman’s nervous habit and more.

John McClain discusses something Bill O’Brien did better than Bill Belichick in Week 2. Plus, Santana Moss takes a shot at Robert Griffin, which leads to an array of Tweets from the former Baylor great and unemployed NFL QB.

Mad Radio takes a close look at the historical difficulty of a rookie quarterback beating a team by Bill Belichick and confesses their most embarassing moments.


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