In honor of the 69th Emmy Awards, CBS sat down with Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster, co-creators of 15 time Emmy Award winning The Amazing Race for a speed round of questions. Doganieri and van Munster were quizzed on

What’s The Most Beautiful Place You Have Ever Shot The Amazing Race?

ED- The first places that comes to mind is Mauritius, it was an unexpected surprise. When I got there it was so tropical and beautiful with white sand beaches and beautiful sail boats and a lot of incredible history, I was kind of blown away by it.

BvM- I love certain parts of Bolivia and Northern Chile, it’s really special.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About The Amazing Race?

ED- The thing that I get the most pleasure out of is seeing people traveling around the world and the good moments where they interact with locals and they have a connection.

BvM- What I think is amazing is that is has become a global phenomenon, the show. I mean wherever we go people just love it so it must have hit a chord somehow.

What’s The One Place In The World That You’d Like To Check Out?

ED- Nepal. Any of these regions that are really hard to get to, Easter Island!

BvM- There’s a lot of places in West Africa I’d love to go back to.

What’s The Last Movie You Saw In Theaters?

ED- Trolls, With my nine-year-old daughter Ava. Have to say, I’ve been exposed to a whole new world of animation.

BvM- The last movie I saw was Churchill when I was on the plane because that’s where I all the movies. I had a nice big screen so that was good.

Were There Any Other Show Names Considered For The Amazing Race?

BvM- There were many show names considered for The Amazing Race. You name it, they were on the list. But we settled for The Amazing Race and I think it’s a good name.

ED- The Amazing Race, it just fit and it worked and it turned out to be a great name.

Be sure to tune in to the 69th Emmy Awards on September 17th at 5 PM PT/8 PM EST on CBS.

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