By Landry Locker

Mike and Seth discuss and listen to the audio Landry Locker had debating if Seth could take Conor McGregor and more.

 Mike and Seth look at the most intriguing controversies and position battles in Houston right now.
 7-14 Headlines: Lonzo Ball supports James Harden and throws the Big Baller Brand to the side, Astros miss out on a big name and wasting money is a thing.
 Mike and Seth discover something interesting and scandelous, depening on how you look at it, about traffic girl, E. Plus, there are some people who think Bill O’Brien’s days as coach of the Texans are numbered.
 Mike and Seth discuss Sean P’s five burning Astros questions heading into the back end of the season.
 Bill Bellamy, who will be performing at the Houston Improv this weekend, joins Mad Radio to discuss Roasting strategies and Conor McGregor’s charisma on the microphone.
 Mike and Seth discuss a ranking of the top athletes in Houston with the most starpower and who they feel should be on the list.
 Mad Radio Worst Take Of The Week: 7/10 to 7/14: Seth’s wrestling question, Landry’s issue with the question and Mike’s Houstee Nominee.
 University of Houston head coach Major Applewhite joins Mad Radio to discuss his first year as head coach, if he had an issue with the way Tom Herman left and more.
 Former NFL defensive lineman, wrestler and 300 pounder with MMA experience Kelly Gregg joins Mad Radio to weigh in on if Seth would have a chance in a street fight against Conor McGregor and says that he would crush the MMA star himself, easily.

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