By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The International Olympic Committee has approved the addition of 3-on-3 basketball to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

This is going to be freaking awesome. I am immediately more interested in this than the traditional basketball at the Olympics.

There exist a few questions I have about the newest event in the Olympics.


They should play with one and two point shots and play to 15. Going to 11 feels too rushed and going to 21 feels like it limits the possibility of playing multiple games in a day. Win by two but that should go without saying.

Half court action. Possession change requires a clear behind the three-point line before you can score.

How many refs should there be? One or two should be enough. No calling your own fouls here.

Four players to a team but only one sub per game.

Each team should play the same number of indoor and outdoor games. Potentially it should be all outdoor but I imagine shoe companies would prefer to not have to make street shoe versions of their already nice shoes.

Coin toss to see who gets the shot for the first possession.

No make it take it.

No foul outs, but after the sixth team foul two shots.


Each country should get to submit two teams to qualifying where the final Olympic field is 32 teams.

With the 32 teams do like the World Cup and have group play where you play every team in your group twice. The two best teams move on to the 16-team stage. There it is best of three through the duration of the tournament.

Team USA?

I have no idea who would want to play in this. I think it gets a little dicey if you let players decide who their four-person team would be but at the same time, I don’t know if I love the randomness of a lottery to decide. I also think the list should be trimmed to just 16 eligible players by USA basketball but I want a new group of blood to select this.

Daryl Morey should represent the general managers. Mark Cuban should represent the owners. Julius Erving should represent the old school players. Kobe Bryant for the new school players. Brad Stevens should coach. These five men choose the 16 players.

I trust those five to select the four best teams from the 16 player pool. Those teams can enter into qualifying amongst each other to see which two represent the USA in international qualifying.

Ideal Team USA Teams?

Let’s find the two ideal Team USA teams amongst the NBA greats. Now keep in mind 2020 so add three years of wear and tear to your favorite NBA players.

For the sake of argument, we will have a Lebron James team and a non-Lebron James team.

Team Lebron James

Lebron James – 35 in 2020 but still has something left no doubt.

Anthony Davis – his versatility is key here. Can guard a lot of the forwards and I don’t know who can guard him.

Russell Westbrook – The speed and quickness will be hard to match.

Kawhi Leonard – Mini-Lebron with the defense and offense.

This team lacks the kill you from deep element that may be the focus of this tournament but they can guard anyone with this team and they can all score on almost anyone.

Team Not Lebron James

Kevin Durant – The not Lebron James team starts here with a then early 30’s Durant.

Steph Curry – The handles and the shot will be near untouchable.

James Harden – Harden, when dialed in, could be a great 3-on-3 player. Klay Thompson almost got his spot.

Paul George – I almost put Thompson here but I figured being able to add a defensive stopper as a sub is a good idea.

Just while I am spitballing here I think there are a TON of old-timer players who would kill to play in this in their primes.

All-Time NBA 3-on-3 Team

Magic Johnson

Michael Jordan

Julius Erving

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