Do You Trust The Texans To *Not* Waste DeAndre Hopkins Prime?

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0:00 mark

Do you trust the Texans to maximize DeAndre Hopkins prime?

Has Kevin Durant passed LeBron as best player on the planet?

18:55 mark

What can the Texans do to keep Watt and Clowney healthy?

Is LeBron’s performance in the 4th quarter hurting his legacy?

41:00 mark

Did Tom Herman have anything to do with sudden retirement?

Is LeBron to blame for the Cavs collapse in Game 3?

57:05 mark

Does Hopkins *have to* sign a contract with the Texans?

Would a Warriors sweep of the Cavs be bad for the NBA?

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mans best friend Do You Trust The Texans To *Not* Waste DeAndre Hopkins Prime?

Man’s Best Friend, for a well trained dog.

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