By Garret Heinrich
by: Garret Heinrich (@GarretHeinrich)

(UPDATE: We learned that Houston has submitted for the 2024 Super Bowl. It doesn’t change the thoughts that are expressed in the below piece.)

On Tuesday we found out that because of build delays in Los Angeles on the Rams and Chargers new stadium, the 2021 Super Bowl was moved from LA to Tampa.  The 2022 Super Bowl will now be held in Los Angeles in the second year of the stadium there.  That means that the city of Houston has a legitimate shot to bring the Super Bowl back to Space City in 2027 or 2028.

Here is the current Super Bowl host city schedule (year is the year Super Bowl will be played not the season):

2018 -Minnesota

2019 – Atlanta

2020 – Miami

2021 – Tampa

2022 – Los Angeles

After 2022 there are no longer any confirmed Super Bowl cities but knowing how the NFL works we can assume 2023 will take place in Las Vegas, the new home of the Raiders starting in 2020. The likelihood that 2022 was penciled in was high for Las Vegas, but with the weather issues pushing LA back a year, Vegas will have to wait until 2023.  With the stadium in Las Vegas likely being the last NEW stadium to get a Super Bowl, the NFL will have to move to their classic host cities.  After 2023 what cities will have a shot at those Super Bowls will likely become a nine city option with five being in a heavier rotation.

Here are the cities likely to get future Super Bowls after 2023:

Miami – The Most Super Bowls by any city, with the new improvements to “Hard Rock Stadium” it is a favorite in the rotation and will get a Super Bowl again soon after 2020, but probably not until 2028-2030.

Los Angeles – They used to bring the Super Bowl to San Diego every five or six years. Now that they’ll have a new stadium in LA expect it to get a similar treatment to Miami. Last Super Bowl: 2022 Next Super Bowl: 2030-2033

New Orleans – This will be the 3rd favorite for Super Bowl sites.  Even with the ancient Super Dome, the stadium holds enough people, the city can handle the swarm of fans and media and no one has a bad time in New Orleans.  Last Super Bowl: 2013 – Next Super Bowl: 2024-2026.

Las Vegas – This didn’t ever seem like it would be a possibility.  Now expect Las Vegas to host the big game every 6-8 years.  Who doesn’t want to go to Vegas for the biggest game in the world?  It’s also (outside of New York) the only city that is completely equipped already for everything needed for the Super Bowl.  Last Super Bowl: 2023 – Next Super Bowl: 2029-2032

Phoenix – Another great Super Bowl location the league loves.  They’ve hosted two of the last 10 Super Bowls and are likely to get another one. The only downside to Phoenix is the stadium being so far from where everything else happens in town.  Last Super Bowl: 2015 – Next Super Bowl: 2025-2027

Atlanta – The new stadium for Atlanta will lock them in as another go to for future Super Bowls unless 2019 is absolutely terrible, but I think Atlanta will come through.  Last Super Bowl: 2019 – Next Super Bowl: 2029-2031

Dallas – Dallas was unlucky with their last Super Bowl when a freak ice/snow storm made things hellish for everyone involved.  Dallas isn’t likely to have that happen again and Jerry Jones is too powerful and has too big of a stadium to be avoided.  Dallas will get in, but maybe not as often as the likes of Miami and LA. Last Super Bowl: 2011 – Next Super Bowl: 2024-2026

San Francisco – San Francisco has a bit of a problem like Phoenix in that everyone stays about an hour away from the stadium. But the stadium is good. San Francisco is a great city to visit and can handle anything the NFL throws at it.  Last Super Bowl: 2016 – Next Super Bowl: 2028-2033

Houston – Welcome to the Super Bowl heavy rotation the City of Houston.  After an extremely successful Super Bowl in 2017, the city has shown they are exactly what everyone is looking for in a Super Bowl Host city. There is a ton to do, the weather is great, the Stadium is perfect.  Lock Houston in as the 5th city in the heavy rotation for Super Bowls. Last Super Bowl: 2017 – Next Super Bowl: 2027.

With these eight cities in the running, this is why Houston will likely land 2027 Super Bowl based on where the others will land before that, the ones that have a longer layoff between Super Bowls will get the opportunity first, but as you’ll see, that sets up Houston perfectly for 2027.

2024: New Orleans – 11 years is too long not to be in New Orleans. They will bring it back as soon as possible and everyone will rejoice.

2025: Dallas – Jerry Jones wants the Super Bowl. He will pull his weight and get the Super Bowl back and hopefully for everyone’s sake it doesn’t snow.

2026: Phoenix – It won’t be in the heavy rotation but it will get its fair share and 11 years will be good enough.

2027: Houston – Get ready for this to be a regular (7-10 years) occurrence for the city.

After 2027 I think the NFL will start putting Miami, New Orleans, Houston, Las Vegas and Los Angeles in a heavier five city rotation that will see each of these cities getting the Super Bowl about every 7-9 years while San Francisco, Dallas, Phoenix, and Atlanta will get a Super Bowl every 10-13 years. You might see a Tampa placed in there every once in a while, but Raymond James Stadium isn’t the best Super Bowl venue and compared to the other nine in this list, it’s the worst stadium of the bunch.  Get ready Houston the Super Bowl is about to become a regular occurrence in the city.


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