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Anyone who played youth sports is hard-pressed to not look back on those days with at least some amount of fondness. For some, they think of the day their parents gave them their first baseball glove. For others, they may remember the first time they put on their very first set of football pads.

But even if some of the memories aren’t positive ones, every single one of them came with a valuable life lesson. It may sound like a worn-out cliché, but those life lessons are the real prize of youth sports, and the value that they have is frankly incalculable.

Lessons like:


The spirit of friendship can have a powerful impact on a young kid’s life. Everyone on the team shares the same goal: to be the best. Everyone works together to improve, sometimes pushing each other harder and further. It’s not to be cruel, it’s because your comrades know you can do it.

Many adults who grew up playing youth sports will tell you about the pride that they felt when they put on their first baseball jersey, and the unity they felt with their teammates. Like they say, the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name on the back.

Even if a kid isn’t friends with everyone on their various teams, the important thing is that they can trust in each other for their support as the work towards their common goal.

Hard Work

Everyone knows that it takes hard work to be the best, but it’s not every day that people talk about how much work it takes to get even just a little bit better.  If you’re trying to raise your batting average by a few points, you’re going to have to grind for every one of them.

And while you’re working hard to improve your offense, you have to keep working on all the other aspects of your game just to ensure that you don’t regress. And this applies to any sport. Any of them will teach you this simple lesson: any improvement takes hard work.


Learning something new and applying it can take some time, or more accurately, a lot of time. In order to master your craft, you need discipline.

Discipline to not skip practice. Discipline to stay after and get a few more jump shots or swing the bat a few more times. Discipline to focus in school so that you’re available for game day. Discipline to continue to work in the offseason even when your friends are out living it up. Discipline to learn every single play in your playbook and on your wrist coach.

And even when you’ve reached your goal, you need the discipline to never stop working and always keep looking to the next thing.


People like to talk about how the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality has taken away kids’ inventive to win, but the simple fact of the matter is that no trophy will take away the sting that comes with a loss.

After all the hard work you’ve put in before and during the season, losing in the championship or even watching it from the sidelines can be brutal. Some cry, some get angry, and some get more focused.

The point is that learning to deal with loss is a vital life lesson. Human beings deal with loss all the time, and it’s better to start learning that lesson early on and how to channel that pain into something positive. Loss hurts and stings like hell, but it also toughens individuals and strengthens bonds.

Healthy Lifestyle

From the moment they start playing sports, your kids will start to get familiar with the gym and exercise. They’ll begin to learn different moves, techniques, and the equipment that is used to gain strength, speed and overall wellness.

This will help to ensure that when their metabolism slows down to the pace of an elderly turtle, some of those healthy habits will have grown up with them. They will grow up with a confidence and inherent knowledge on how to stay healthy or get healthy, and may even come to enjoy the process more than the results.

While there are many, many more reasons to put your kids in sports, these life lessons alone are worth every bit of it.

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