The Matt Hammond Show, weekdays on SportsRadio610.comBy Matt Hammond

0:00 mark

Is Rockets-Spurs NBA playoff series already over?

Is Deshaun Watson the next Dak Prescott?

19:40 mark

What should we expect from JJ Watt in 2017?

Why are the Cavs far and away the best team in the East?

44:40 mark

What scares you the most about the Texans roster?

Will Nick Saban make the jump to the NFL again?

1:03:55 mark

Biggest difference between James Harden and Kawhi Leonard

How soon until Deshaun Watson makes an impact for Texans?

The Matt Hammond Show is brought to you by:

mans best friend James Harden Proved Hes More Valuable Than Kawhi Leonard

Man’s Best Friend, for a well trained dog.

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