By Cody Stoots

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Texans will have an opportunity to select one of the top three quarterbacks in this draft. Maybe even two.

I am sure of it.

Mitchell Trubisky of North Carolina, Deshaun Watson of Clemson, and Patrick Mahomes of Texas Tech are widely considered to be the top three quarterbacks.

The Browns (1st overall and ammunition to trade up from 12th overall) and Jets (6th overall) could end up with Trubisky, or, best case scenario for Houston, he slips all the way to the Bills (10th overall) who can’t pass up the top talent at QB.

The other guys? Well, Mahomes, Watson, get your parachutes ready.

The Jets, after committing two picks to the quarterback position in two years, and needing cheap talent at almost every position, seem unlikely to select a quarterback, but, they don’t have a good one. It would make sense if they fell in love with one of the prospects or downplayed their interest.

It makes no sense when I read the Bills, Saints, and Cardinals are looking at and interested in quarterbacks in the first round. No sense at all.

Teams really don’t do something like this in the NFL. They don’t.

Go look at the first round quarterbacks in the past 17 years. Since 2000 there have been 46 first round quarterback selections. Exactly two of them were drafted by a team already possessing a bonafide franchise quarterback.

The Chargers ended up with Philip Rivers when they already had Drew Brees in 2004. The Packers drafted Aaron Rodgers, in the late first round, when they already had Brett Favre.

That’s it. Just two times in nearly two decades has this happened.

It isn’t happening Thursday either.

Buffalo just restructured Tyrod Taylor’s contract, has a rookie head coach with a defensive background and needs far more significant than the heir apparent to an already signed young quarterback.

New Orleans has a future hall of fame quarterback Drew Brees playing for them. New Orleans also possess a bottom-five ranked defense in a draft where the defensive talent is whispered about as being special. With a couple of years on Brees’ contract, it makes no sense, NONE, to spend such a valuable pick on a quarterback when, again, needs exist at other positions. The 7-9 for three years in a row Saints aren’t getting better in 2017 by adding Watson or Mahomes.

Arizona sent their owner, front office, and head coach Bruce Arians to workout Mahomes. They have been heavly linked to the Texas Tech signal caller as he seems to be a natural fit for Bruce Arians and his desired skills in a quarterback. They also currently have Carson Palmer and are one year removed from winning the NFC West by a wide margin. That wasn’t a fluke. This is a win now team not set ourselves up to maybe win later.

Teams picking at 14-24 don’t need a quarterback at all.

The Bills, Saints, and Cardinals might draft a quarterback. I even expect they’d all be dumb not to and disappoint their fan base if they didn’t.

They just aren’t doing it in the first round.

Rick Smith, Bill O’Brien, the assembled fans and media at NRG stadium for the draft party, and the amazing listeners of SportsRadio 610 (your exclusive live home of the NFL Draft on the radio) will all be following along Thursday as one, maybe even two, of the top quarterback prospects slips right into the Texans’ laps.

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