Astros second baseman Jose Altuve took a vicious clothesline shot from right-fielder Teoscar Hernandez during an 8th inning collision Tuesday night in Cleveland. Fortunately, Altuve didn’t suffer a concussion and reported today that his shoulder feels good.

A.J. Hinch took Altuve out of Wednesday’s lineup against the Indians even before he arrived at Progressive Field to keep him from lobbying to play.

“I just showed up today and A.J. said it’s going to be better if he gives me the day off and I believe him,” Altuve said.

Altuve called the collision, “just one of those things that happens in the game,” but admitted that it looked bad on the replay he watched.

Hinch went out to right field Tuesday night with both players down. Hernandez was carted to the clubhouse while he escorted Altuve back to the dugout.

“I felt like he (Altuve) was OK when we got back to the dugout,” Hinch said. “He felt jarred. He felt shaken. As he got on his feet and moving around a little, he realized that parts of his body were all still attached and he felt better.”

Altuve even asked if he needed to stay in the game knowing the Astros were shorthanded on their bench.

When asked if he was available to play tonight if needed, or start tomorrow, Altuve replied, “probably.”

The Astros (14-6) have posted the most wins in the American League and are tied for the most in the majors with Colorado, Arizona and Washington.



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