Bryan Altman

While nobody knows who the Texans will decide to take with their fourth round pick on Day 3 of the 2017 NFL Draft, it’s a guarantee that the selection will be an historic one.

In an effort to spruce up an otherwise boring day of the draft that doesn’t get much attention outside of the innermost circles of football fans, the NFL has resorted to announcing teams’ draft picks from different places.

In the case of the Texans, that place, is outer space.

Texans 2017 Draft Picks:

**Day 3 Selection

Round 1, Pick 25 — 25 Overall
Round 2, Pick 25 — 57 Overall
Round 3, Pick 25 — 89 Overall
**Round 4, Pick 24 — 131 Overall
**Round 5, Pick 25 — 169 Overall
**Round 6, Pick 4 — 188 Overall
**Round 7, Pick 25 — 243 Overall

For the first time in history, the Texans’ Day 3 draft selections will be announced from the International Space Station by astronauts aboard the space station nearly 250 miles above Earth’s surface.

The logical reason for the decision to make the selection from space is the Houston area connection to the space program, with Houston serving as home of the Johnson Space Center.

Commander Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer are the lone Americans aboard the space station and Whitson has currently spent 535 days in space, which is the longest of any American astronaut in history. There’s no word as to which astronaut(s) will announce the Texans’ picks, but seems like after more than a year and a half, this might be a nice change of pace for Whitson.

Other teams that have taken to announcing their picks from different places are the Raiders, who will announce Day 3 picks from their future home in Las Vegas, while the Chiefs will announce their picks from Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri.

Hopefully being selected from the confines of outer space will be good luck for whomever the Texans select on Day 3.


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