By Alex Del Barrio

HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – The Texans shocked the world on March 9th of this year when they jettisoned failed quarterback Brock Osweiler in an unprecedented NBA-esque trade with the Cleveland Browns.

The Texans shipped Brock Osweiler and their second round pick in 2018 to the Browns in exchange for their fourth round pick in 2017. It was a move done simply to take Osweiler’s 2017 salary off the Texans books so they could potentially sign Tony Romo.

The deal made sense for both clubs as it allowed the Browns to continue to stockpile draft selections for a potential trade of their own as they were rumored to be after Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, and allowed the Texans to be rid of the albatross of Brock Osweiler.

There has been a lot of conjecture as to which team approached who about the historic trade scenario and Smith was asked about the scenario in his pre-draft press conference that the idea was sparked based on conversation with his friend and Cleveland counterpart Sashi Brown.

“I think that there’s just ideas that are floating around and if you’re open to them I think they just land in the right spot,” Smith said. “Sashi (Brown) and I are obviously friends and have had conversations, just theoretical conversation about building football teams and so when you start with a relationship that way you can have some conversation and explore ideas that may not be popular or had ever been done before,” Smith said.

It is a possibility that the idea that was “floating around” first arose when’s Bill Barnwell suggested such a move in December and Sportsradio 610’s Matt Hammond suggested the idea again in January.

Smith would not elaborate on who ultimately approached the subject first and that it was a process that simply evolved through constant discussions with Brown before and during the NFL Combine.

“It was something that we talked about and had a lot of conversation about and decided that we would get together in Indy (Indianapolis) at the combine. We had breakfast, we had dinner and just kept talking and it worked out. That’s basically how it happened,” Smith said.

Alex Del Barrio covers the Houston Texans for and is the color commentator for the Houston Dynamo. He also hosts “ADB and Murph” with Matt Murphy which can be heard on Saturday afternoons 4-7 pm  Follow Alex Del Barrio on Twitter: @alexdelbarrio


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