By Landry Locker

You can catch up on what you may have missed or want to hear again from today’s edition of MaD Radio right here.

My biggest takes from today’s show:

  • Mike Meltser decided to defend Russell Westbrook during today’s show, which Seth called a brave move, but I’m still not sure why Westbrook needs to be defended.
  • We broke down Donald Trump’s first White House hosting of a professional team and revisited a couple Barrack Obama and George Bush moments during their time in office. Obama and Bush have to be tough acts to follow.
  • Name that Stoner Trivia with Seth, Mike and Vandy.
  • I always appreciate people coming on the show, but it’s pretty easy to tell the draft experts that do their homework and the ones that don’t.

Now here are a few things that didn’t make the show that are on my mind…

— Mike D’Antoni and James Harden have maximized the ability of this roster and have continued to do so two games into the playoffs. It’s amusing that some people are talking about the Rockets roster as if there’s a Super Team in Houston. Nobody outside of that Rockets locker room looked at this roster before the season and expected them to be where they’re at.

— The difference between what OKC did with Westbrook on the bench during crunch time and what the Rockets did with Harden sitting was the difference in the game.

  • Rockets go on a 12-3 run in final 2:20 w/Westbrook on bench at end of 3rd
  • In the 4:51 Harden spent on the bench to start the 4th Rockets outscored OKC 13-9.

Nobody should take that personal, I know there is MVP sensitivity in Houston, but Harden’s cast deserves credit for stepping it up.

— D’Antoni is making Billy Donovan his bitch two games into the series.

While D’Antoni has looked like a confident veteran, Donovan has looked like an unsure flake that belongs in Gainesville, Florida coaching college basketball.

There were two key moments during Game 2 where Donovan looked incompetent.

Moment 1: At the end of the third quarter with a 12-point lead Donovan sat Westbrook with 2:20 remaining. The Rockets went on a 7-0 run which caused Donovan to call a timeout with 1:16 remaining, but he left Westbrook on the bench. The Rockets then continued to dominate the Thunder, which led to Donovan sending Westbrook to check in with around 30 seconds remaining in the quarter. There was no stoppage so Westbrook finished the final 2:20 of the fourth without playing. During that 2:20 the Rockets went on a 12-3 run.

It’s one thing to decide to sit Westbrook, it’s another thing to look as flaky as Donovan did while doing it.

Moment 2: With Oklahoma City leading 94-88 early in the fourth quarter Donovan kept Enes Kanter on the bench and went with rookie Domantas Sabonis, a move that was immediately questioned by most. After a dismal spurt in which Sabonis fumbled a rebound out of bounds, missed a layup and committed a foul Donovan subbed the rookie out of the game for Kanter with OKC clamoring to a 94-91 lead.

Another questionable decision that Donovan clearly wasn’t sure of.

Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks used to get criticized for way less and would be getting KILLED if he looked as lost as Donovan has in this series.


— In the spirit of 4-20 here’s an old school NBA Inside Stuff piece on my favorite alleged stoner, Sam Perkins aka Big Smooth.

— In tomorrow’s Nugs I’m going to tell you why Kobe Bryant is the main reason why I don’t believe Westbrook is the MVP of the league.

— Other NBA Playoff Thoughts

  • Does LeBron get an apology after Boston, the team that tried hard all regular season for the 1-seed, gets bounced by Chicago in the first round?
  • Speaking of rest, what does it say about Portland that the Warriors can rest Kevin Durant for  a playoff game and still win by 30? Or does that say more about the Warriors?
  • The Washington-Atlanta series has to be the most boring 4-5 match up in league history.

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