By Landry Locker

You can catch up on what you may have missed or want to hear again from today’s edition of MaD Radio right here.

My biggest takes from today’s show:

  • What if the Texans draft a young QB and Tom Savage has a decent, but not great season in his contract year? This is a question Seth asked during the show. I’m throwing up in my mouth at the thought of the organization trying to preach their confidence in Savage heading into the season. However, I think there’s a strong chance it’s going to happen.
  • Stu Jackson made his case for Russell Westbrook as MVP today on the show and it’s hard to argue with his premise. I also respect that he didn’t pander to the crowd he was speaking to and his opinion was consistent with the one that he has during national broadcasts.
  • It seems like there’s a huge increase in media members that want to talk about the draft and pretend their scouts, but a decrease in people that actually want to dig too deep into it. That’s just my feel, I could be wrong. EVERYONE loves to watch the Draft and I used to be a huge draft nerd, but I just don’t feel like people starve for seven round mock Drafts anymore. Maybe it’s because there’s so much of it and the market is oversaturated.
  • Thursdays are now fight days on Mad Radio following last weeks’ Mike vs Seth and this week’s Seth vs Stoots showdown.

Now here are a few things that didn’t make the show that are on my mind…

— Power Ranking the eight 1st Round NBA Playoff matchups 1-8 from a competitiveness standpoint (1 being most competitive, 8 being least competitive)

  1.  Los Angeles vs Utah
  2. Boston vs Chicago
  3. Houston vs Oklahoma City
  4. Toronto vs Milwaukee
  5. San Antonio vs Memphis
  6. Washington vs Atlanta
  7. Golden State vs Portland
  8. Cleveland vs Indiana

— The eight biggest questions of the first round:

  1. Who will win the battle between the top-two MVP candidates?
  2. Can the Cavs flip the switch?
  3. Will the Warriors be challenged before the Western Conference Finals?
  4. Will this Clippers core die slow or show some sort of life?
  5. Is this young Utah team ready for the playoff stage?
  6. Will Lance Stephenson be Stephenson-like against Boston?
  7. Who will make the most noise out of the Greek Freak and Jon Wall?
  8. Will Memphis be able to ugly things up against the Spurs? 

— Russell Westbrook’s ability to make reporters look foolish for asking dumb questions is entertaining regardless of how you feel about him.

— Reggie Miller will do the color commentary for the Rockets first two games of the playoffs and a lot of Rockets fans are already voicing their complaints on the SportsRadio 610 text line and on Twitter. Nobody blows up Twitter during a game like Miller.

— Zach Lowe chose Kawhi Leonard, not Westbrook or Harden as his MVP. I’m sure there’s a lot of nerdy data to back up his selection, but quite frankly, I can only take Lowe in doses because I think he’s a prime example of a smart hoop mind that makes himself dumber when he consumes too much information.

Mike D’Antoni was third on his Coach Of The Year list behind Gregg Popovich and Erik Spoelstra, which is silly. MDT deserves that award more than any other Houston Rocket deserves an award.

Despite being his MVP Leonard was third on his Defensive Player Of The Year rankings. That’s very strange because logical thinking would lead one to think that if he thought Leonard was the MVP that the main reason would be that he was also the best defensive player. Interesting, but again I’m sure there are some next level analytics to cloud, I mean increase his judgement.

For the record I support analytics, but there’s a movement of people talking about basketball that couldn’t sit in a room, watch a game and explain what they saw without advanced stats and other people’s opinions from the internet.

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