By Landry Locker

You can catch up on what you may have missed or want to hear again from today’s edition of MaD Radio right here.

My biggest takes from today’s show:

  • The best way to talk about a non-Tiger golf topic is to expand the discussion into other areas, which is what Mike Meltser did today when he asked what other athletes have rewritten their narrative late in their careers. This topic got a lot of activity via text and through social media and I really enjoyed the negative rewritten angle some of our great listeners took the conversation.
  • I’m enjoying watching baseball through football goggles. The daily assignment makes watching the sport even more enjoyable.
  • During cross talk Cody Stoots said he’s out on Myles Garrett. I haven’t been able to listen to In The Loop today, but am intrigued to hear why. That’s definitely something I will be looking at on their podcasts.
  • Andre Ware called into the show unsolicited to set us golf simpletons straight, which is something I always enjoy. I love it when big names call into the show and participate in the conversation unsolicited.
  • Quote Of The Show: “They have to win.” – Mike Meltser on the Rockets playoff series vs OKC

Now here are a few things that didn’t make the show that are on my mind…

— The Tony Romo Maverick For A Day bit is a total joke, there’s no sugar coating it. That’s not a shot at the Mavericks organization, that’s just what the Minor League baseball-like stunt is. Most logical people from the Dallas area agree and the ones that don’t are hypocritical homers that would make fun of any other organization for pulling a similar stunt.

Here are a few things that makes this circus act such a joke:

  1. That a successful, respected coach like Rick Carlisle has to participate in these types of shenanigans six years after winning a championship.
  2. That an organization that has had as much success in the last 20 years is resorting to these types of desperate tactics.
  3. That Tony Romo wants to do it and I’ve heard from some people close to the situation that this is not only something Romo wants, but that he also wanted for of a ceremony of some sort of the Cowboys when he made his announcement last week.
  4. Mark Cuban isn’t dumb. This is the guy who signed Dennis Rodman and even worked at a Dairy Queen at the beginning of his tenure as Mavs owner, but it’s sad (borderline pathetic) he has resorted back to publicity stunts nearly two decades into his tenure.

— Speaking of Cuban… Just look at a list of what he has done as an owner since his team won a championship in 2011. The most amusing thing about this list is how openly arrogant Cuban was when the new CBA came into play after the 2011 season about his unique understanding of it.

2011-12: Broke up championship team. Traded a 1st round pick for Lamar Odom, released him during the season after a disastrous stint. Swept in 1st round of the playoffs.

2012-13: Failed to make the playoffs and signed stop gap free agents OJ Mayo, Darren Collison and Chris Kaman.

2013-14: Failed to land a big-name free agent and had to settle for stop gaps, again. Watch the real Dwight Howard video that they played for Dwight Howard in the next Nug.

2014-15: Failed to land a big-name free agent and overpaid Chandler Parsons. Also traded for Rajon Rondo against Carlisle’s wishes in a deal that sent Jae Crowder and 1st round pick to Boston.

2015-16: Had DeAndre Jordan change his mind after agreeing to sign with the team early in free agency. Also, used a second round pick on Satnam Singh in the 2015 NBA Draft as a favor to Jordan’s agent so that Singh could have taped footage of an ending for his Netflix documentary, this is a true story.

2016-17: Cuban spends the majority of the season alienating a portion of his fanbase by obsessing over the presidential election on social media and ends the season with the Romo circus.

— This is a real video the Mavs showed Dwight Howard in 2013 when they were trying to get him to sign with the team.

— Props to Mavs play-by-play voice Chuck Cooperstein for having a pair of balls and not defending the organization’s corny decision to make Romo a Mav for a day.

— People have romanticized and talked about Oscar Robertson averaging a triple-double over the course of an entire season for decades. Anyone trying to minimize that accomplishment now is being petty.

— Come on, Russ! Since when has being 6 for 25 ever stopped you from shooting!

— Overtime in a football or basketball game is often celebrated by fans , but extra innings in baseball has to be among the most dreaded things in all of sports.

— I was among the many that thought Sergio Garcia would choke, but he didn’t and I have no problem eating crow on his behalf. Who would’ve thought that when this happened 18 years ago that Garcia would take this long to win his first major?

— Tiger Woods being this much of a non-factor doesn’t get any less heartbreaking. I cannot believe that in a sport where 57-year-old Fred Couples still competes in the premier tournament that Woods at the age of 41 can’t even finish a round.

— Masters Chairman Billy Paine couldn’t have done a better job during this tribute to Arnold Palmer. This was an elite display of public speaking.

— Today’s celebrity birthday whose party I would most like to attend: Slim Jesus, who turns 20. I was very fascinated by how much this kid got exposed as a fake trap rapper from the suburbs.

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