by: @GarretHeinrich

On Wednesday night Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt took to twitter to answer the world’s questions.  Here is what I learned.

1. J.J. Doesn’t Need To Explain Himself:

All he needs to send to get 2,000+ replies with questions. No explanation, no “Hey y’all going to answer your questions, reply and I’ll get to all I can.” Just “Q&A” that is all he needs.

2. He’s a homer:

But who doesn’t love Altuve?

3. He has weird cereal tastes:

His favorite FOOD (not just cereal) is Crunch Berries? CRUNCH BERRIES? No way. That shouldn’t be in anyone’s top 5, let alone number one. It’s not even the best Crunch!

4. He wants two puppies:

He has said he is too busy to have a dog right now, but one day he’ll do it and he isn’t going to be all DeAndre Hopkins with a purse puppy. He’s going big with a Golden Retriever AND German Sheppard.

5. He’s a beer guy:

You can’t go wrong with Guinness as your favorite alcoholic beverage. J.J. is such a fan he gets his own J.J. Guinness from the Irish beer company.

When @guinness brews you your own personal beer… Incredible!!!

A post shared by JJ Watt (@jjwatt) on

But still no word if he’ll pick up this Wisconsin gem for us. Help us out J.J…Help us out.

6. He won’t help solve the Internet’s problems:


7. He knows what should go on a pizza:

NO Pineapples on pizza! As it should be.

8. He’s a knucklepuck fan:

Wouldn’t expect this as his overall favorite movie, but we can’t blame him. The Ducks are awesome. Iceland sucks. USA! USA! USA!

Also, J.J. can do a little Knucklepucking of his own:


A post shared by JJ Watt (@jjwatt) on

9. He knows how to answer the tough questions:

Who is his favorite soccer player? Of course it’s his girlfriend and star of the Houston Dash and a member of the USWNT. He could have said Christian Pulisic, Clint Dempsy or Tim Howard, but this was the right answer. Way not to screw that one up.

10. He doesn’t have a problem with toilet paper:

Under gets troublesome and it isn’t how the world works. Over is the only way to place the toilet paper. Thank you J.J. for confirming this for me.

Check J.J.’s twitter feed for all his answers to the questions from last night.


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