By Landry Locker

You can catch up on what you may have missed or want to hear again from today’s edition of MaD Radio right here.

  • Bill O’Brien said he likes the quarterbacks that he currently has on his roster. The only way O’Brien likes these quarterbacks is if past reports are true and he wants to leave Houston and take his talents elsewhere. 2017 will be O’Brien’s last season in Houston if he rolls out Tom Savage and company.
  • Seth had an entertaining exchange with a caller, who took attempted to take him to task for questioning Bill O’Brien’s handling of quarterbacks since he has been the coach of the Texans.
  • Some NBA talk at the point of the season really annoys me. I don’t understand why some fans act like not playing when you’re injured isn’t resting. When you get sick and go to the doctor the doctor gives you medicine for your illness and tells you to go home and rest.
  • Mike Meltser threw a curveball at John McClain during his hit from the NFL Owners Meetings by asking him which AFC South quarterback has the best body.
  • Clyde Drexler toned down the homerism big-time during last night’s broadcast. Why? Because the game was on NBA TV. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.
  • If Joe Mixon isn’t on a team’s draft board then what’s the point of letting anyone else know? Outside of potential positive PR there’s nothing to gain from telling anyone this information before the draft.

Now here are a few things that didn’t make the show that are on my mind…

— If James Harden pushes himself the final eight games of the regular season it’s to win the MVP, that’s the only reason the decision would make sense. There’s no logical reason for Harden to be active tomorrow in Portland or the following night at Golden State. Harden needs rest and Lou Williams could use the extra reps heading into the playoffs.

— Gimmicky large sandwiches at the ballpark like this are dumb. Outside of wanting attention or a picture on your Instagram account there’s no point to buying these kinds of sandwiches. Even if you share them with two or three other people you can each get your own meal for virtually the same price. I just don’t get it.

— The one thing I will NEVER do when talking about a professional athlete is question when their body needs or doesn’t need rest.

— In tomorrow’s Nugs I will put out my most hated player of All Time from every team in the NBA. I’m looking forward to this homework assignment. ICYMI- My most hated player of All Time from every NFL team.

— While we wait for today’s announcement regarding the health of Kevin Durant let’s watch the video I posted of Big Rich outside of his house following his decision to leave OKC for Golden State.

— Today’s celebrity birthday whose party I would most like to attend: Elle F’n Macpherson. How in the world is she 53?!

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