The Best Of Mad Radio 3-24

Mike and Seth react to last night’s good, bad basketball in the NCAA Tournament and try to put together theories on why college basketball can be so sloppy.

MaD Radio reacts to the latest NFL rule proposals including Dan Snyder’s new kickoff rule proposal

Mike and Seth react to the South African soccer player’s explanation of why he shouted out his wife and girlfriend. True story? Worst lie ever? You decide.

3-24 Headlines

Greg Fitzsimmons joins Mad Radio to discuss hsi appearance at the Houston Improv, his old wild lifestyle and more.

Did Brock Osweiler benefit DeAndre Hopkins? Seth has an interesting theory on how he may have.

3-24 MeltsDown: An interesting solution from a former colleague

Richard Deitsch joins Mad Radio to discuss Tony Romo’s non-playing football options in the media, diversity in media and more.

Wade Smith joins Mad Radio for his weekly visit to talk Texans and judge Arnold Schwartzenegger’s public speaking.

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