By Landry Locker

Mike Meltser hosted Landry Locker at his place yesterday and questions his hosting skills and Seth is confused why Mike is over analyzing it.

MaD Radio reacts to the latest NFL rumors including the Texans being linked to Patriots DB Malcolm Butler.

3-15 Headlines

Are other SportsRadio 610 hosts being too harsh on Brock due to a report. Plus, MaD Radio releases exclusive audio of the O’Brien-Brock altercation.

Exclusive MaD Radio audio of the Osweiler-O’Brien altercation in Tennessee.

3-15 MeltsDown w/John McClain

MaD Radio gives the great John McClain and the listeners the floor and allow fans to ask John ANYTHING, literally ANYTHING.

3-15 MaD Takes with John McClain.

John McClain discusses what annoys him about the latest Osweiler reports, why Tony Romo isn’t the savior and a lot more Texans off season story lines.


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