By Garret Heinrich

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Houston Texans are trying to figure out their quarterback situation for 2017.  Currently, they have Brock Osweiler, Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden under contract, but talk has been of signing a possible other available veteran quarterback like Tony Romo or Jay Cutler and possibly even drafting another quarterback in the NFL Draft in April.

Former Houston Texans tight end Owen Daniels told Mike Meltser and Seth Payne on Mad Radio on SportsRadio 610 on Wednesday that he believes the Texans should stay with what they have under center.

“I’m not keen on [the Texans] pursuing any outside quarterback,” Daniels said when asked about his thoughts on the Texans possibly bringing in Tony Romo this offseason. “A big reason why there was such a big problem with the way Brock played this year…is because it was his first year in this offense. I think there is a reason why you see Tom Savage go in there and play, arguably, better than Brock and looks more comfortable than Brock. It’s because he’s been in this offense for three years. He’s seen this offense, these routes on a day-to-day basis for three years. You can not overstate how important that is, in this specific offense. This next year is going to be better just because the fact [Osweiler] has been in this offense for another year.”


The durability is also a concern for Daniels specifically with Tony Romo who has missed most of the last two years with injury and only played in a handful of snaps for the Cowboys this past season.  Speculation is that Romo will be released from the Cowboys soon and free to sign wherever he wishes to try and extend his career. Daniels, who played with Osweiler for one season in Denver, thinks Romo coming into the fold would reset the Texans again and keep their quarterback struggles ongoing in the Bill O’Brien era.

“To bring in another quarterback who has been in his own offense,” Daniels told Mad Radio, “to come in and try to learn something totally new and totally different, completely different language, then you’re kind of just starting back at ground zero there.  It doesn’t matter the ability of the quarterback because I believe Brock has great ability. He may not be able to sling it exactly like Tony Romo can sling it, but he can move just as well. You’ve still got to learn the offense and make the right decisions and throw the ball to the right guys.

“Bringing in a new guy, it doesn’t matter what his name is. You still have to start from scratch there.”

Daniels, who played in a Gary Kubiak offense his entire career sees a lot of differences in Kubiak’s style to Bill O’Brien’s style of offense, that can lead to some problems for a quarterback.

“(Kubiak’s) offense your routes are set pretty much in stone,” Daniels said. “Hot routes are built in. When you go up to the line of scrimmage and you run a play, guys know what they’re doing. My understanding of (O’Brien’s) offense is every route, just about, is an option route for every player. That’s a lot of gray area going on and a lot of being on the same page going on and a lot of trust. From a quarterback to a receiver, tight end connection that you are going to be doing what I see that you’re supposed to be doing, that we’ve studied all week.  That kind of stuff can snowball and add up as the game goes along as the season goes along. You don’t quite feel like you’re in sync and you start to press a little bit and good things don’t happen when you start pressing.”


Daniels said the big thing he noticed with Osweiler, just watching the games on television this year compared to when he played with him in Denver in 2015 was his confidence.

“He was just way more confident way more decisive with what he was doing,” Daniels said of Brock of his time in Denver compared to what he saw in Houston in 2016. “That confidence factor, that demeanor just wasn’t there.”

Daniels did not mention if the Texans should draft a quarterback in the NFL Draft to add to their roster of quarterbacks.  Osweiler is due a guaranteed $25 million over the next two seasons with the Texans. Savage can become a free agent after the 2017 season.




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