HOUSTON (CBS HOUSTON) – Over last weekend Former Texas A&M Quarterback Jerrod Johnson was in Miami helping Nike for their Elite 11 series.  Johnson spent some time with another former Aggies QB Johnny Manziel at the camp, which is for the best High School players in the country.

Johnson, after running some drills and talking a little bit with the former Heisman trophy winner, believes the focus is back for Manziel on football after spending all of 2016 on the sideline.  Johnson told John Lopez and Cody Stoots on In The Loop on Wednesday on SportsRadio 610 that he can see Johnny is focused on getting back into the NFL.

“I think, what has turned the switch for him,” Johnson said of his thoughts on Maziel’s drive to return to the NFL, “he’s an ‘A-list’ celebrity and he has been for a while now. And I’ve been through it myself, this is from my personal experience, there is nothing like being respected for what you devote your life to.  At the end of the day, he’s a football player.

“There is nothing like walking into to the room and knowing everyone respects you for what you do. In any field. Whatever you do for a living there is nothing like walking into the room and universally understood people view you as one of the best at what you devote your life to. Now experience feeling that, and now, people know who you are, but they don’t give you that same respect.

“That is what I think is driving Johnny. He has money, he has the notoriety, he has a beautiful girlfriend, life doesn’t suck for Johnny Manziel. But I think for him, that respect, at the end of the day he’s a football player and he wants people to respect him and his career as a football player.”

Johnson said that he saw something in Johnny on the field with the kids that was encouraging for Manziel.

“He was jumping into the drills,” Johnson told In The Loop. “He was helping the kids out. He was super passionate about it. He had this whole, he still wanted to prove to people, ‘don’t forget who I am.’ That hunger is what is going to have to drive him to get back to where he wants to be.”

Manziel has been training and was rehired by his agent recently.  Manziel made the claim that he is no longer drinking and wants to play football again.  Johnson believes Manziel will get another shot, possibly as early as this year.  Manziel showed some of the quarterbacks how to do a proper roll-out pass to the left that Johnson said “hit a kid right in the chest” and that former Browns quarterback looked in shape and while he didn’t go through a full workout, he threw well on the field with the high school kids.

The biggest thing Johnson said was it looked like Manziel had some of his passion back and a respect for the game he was recently kicked out of.



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