By Shaun BijaniBy Shaun Bijani

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – Bleacher Reports lead NFL draft writer, Matt Miller joined Marc Ryan and Derek Fogel, filling on for Paul on “Gallant at Night” this evening. While he, along with everyone else that’s taken a hard look at this quarterback draft class, thinks it leaves much to be desired, Miller thinks the Texans can grab a guy with the 25th pick they can groom.

“I think twenty-five is a good value for these quarterbacks. If I’m the 49ers and I have to draft one at two, I’d be scared to death. At twenty-five, I think that’s where their true value would be. If you stacked this up, best player in this class is Myles Garrett (Texas A&M DE) then you want to go Leonard Fournette (LSU RB), and then maybe Rueben Foster (Alabama LB), Jamaal Adams (LSU S). If you stack it that way, by the time you get to a quarterback the best place to pick them is probably 15-25 is where they should come off the board but we know because the importance of the position they’re going to come off real early.”

While there is still plenty of time to dissect all of the first-round hopefuls, including the quarterbacks ahead of the April 2017 draft, Miller says he’s fairly certain he remains indifferent on this seasons Heisman runner-up, DeShaun Watson.

“I have him as a top 25 player in mock drafts, I routinely have him going 10 to Buffalo because I can see them falling in love with his skill set, but he’s another guy that needs a lot of work.”
Most of the concern with Watson stems from many of his 17 interceptions this season.

As Miller noted during his interview with Ryan and Fogel, “all interceptions aren’t created equal.” This could be a big concern for scouts watching Watsons film from this past season, as he struggled to make NFL-type throws.
“A lot of his picks came out by the hashes and those are NFL level throws,” Miller says. “If you watched the Alabama game, yes they won and he led a great comeback, so many of the throws he made in the second half were jump balls to Mike Williams, where Mike Williams saved his butt on some throws that, you make those in the NFL its getting picked off.”

Watson’s tight end made some tough catches in that game as well that Watson would probably like to have back as well.

“We can say on one hand he trusts his playmakers, but on the other side of it, he’s throwing the ball into some dangerous spots,” Miller said.

North Carolina’s Mitch Trubisky, likely the first quarterback off the board according to Miller, as well as Notre Dames Deshone Kizer or Texas Tech’s Pat Mahomes doesn’t escape their critics either.

Pat Mahomes looks to be a project at this point, given the spread offense he’s coming from.
“If I could have Pat Mahomes in two years, I would buy that all day. If he has to start right away, I’d be way away on Pat,” Miller says. “He has the best arm in the class. His arm is special. He moves very well outside the pocket.

The problem is he only knows how to move it outside the pocket.”
Thus the concern for Mahomes translating into an immediate plug in guy even for a young team that’s in a rebuild like the San Francisco 49ers, which will likely fill their hole at quarterback with a veteran stop-gap this season at least.

So much hinges on the success of players at any position making the tough transition from college to the NFL, as we’ve come to learn all too well. There is a premium on the quarterback position, as it seems to be about the right time, place and system and it’s ten-fold for a quarterback over any other position.

As far as the future development of Mahomes goes, regardless of the system he lands in, Miller says it’s going to be about that virtuous thing our parents always bored us with.

“He’s a great kid, he’s super smart, has great tools, but I’m not touching him as a one year starter. If you needed him to come in and compete with Tom Savage and Brock Osweiler, this isn’t’ your guy. Now if you want to come in and say, Osweiler was a mistake, Savage can be our spot starter and we’ll groom Mahomes for two years then yeah he could be that guy, but he’s just not ready to get on the field right now.”

As for the Texans, another offseason consumes fans and media with questions about the intolerable play of a quarterback (this year featuring Brock Osweiler) as well as those evaluating the position (Rick Smith and Bill O’Brien) and the meager draft and free agent classes of quarterbacks.

Oh the excitement. (Please read again while scooping one of your eyeballs out to understand the level of excitement

I mean for you to have, in being forced to endure another offseason of this mess)
What more could you ask for this time of year?


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