By Garret Heinrich

by: @GarretHeinrich

The United States Men’s National Team will be sporting some new kits in their next run at the CONCACAF qualifying and U.S. Soccer and Nike decided to go all red.  It’s the same style as their current home and road kits but everything is red. Even the USA crest on the chest is all red.

A new look for our push to the World Cup has arrived 🔥

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This is a bad look.  There isn’t a reason that I can see to go all red.  Granted the USMNT needed some changes, but I thought they got that when they fired Jurgen Klinsmann and brought in retread Bruce Arena. This full red look is an odd thing for the USA.

They have in the past, gone all white.  They’ve also gone mostly blue and mostly red (almost all red here). But never all red or all blue and for good reason. The USA is anchored heavily to its colors. The Red, White, and Blue are synonymous with America.  Even when the squad sported all white for the 2014 World Cup the flag on the chest was it’s natural color.  Also, there was some small red piping on the collars of the jersey.

It’s just too red.  This looks like something Russia, China, or Demark would do.  Sweeden goes all yellow. The Dutch go orange and Italy goes blue, but why is America going all red?

Nike has been messing with the USA’s colors for the past two years. Their current road kits are black with a dark red and a deep blue on the shoulders.  Now I don’t like those jerseys either, but at least there is a red and blue that kit that seems to work.  The home kits with the lighter blue are actually quite good with red piping and blue yolk it still screams America.  I just don’t know about the USA walking out in all red.

Granted, at least red is ONE of the colors in the country’s flag. Just don’t go neon, Nike. Please.




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