By Derek Fogel

Houston (CBS HOUSTON) – The Texans, Rockets and Astros have a lot in common. They manage to win enough games to get your attention, but that same amount of victories has the ability to break your heart in the end when they don’t succeed. Deciding who is closer is anyone’s guess, but picking which team has the city wrapped around their finger is a better question.

The Texans had their third straight season of (9-7) and a playoff tease. The state of Texas loves football, but it loves winning football above any other kind. The Texans have been becoming more and more distant in our hearts as we recognize them now as the temptress who lures our emotions in to leave us crushed in the end.

Likewise, the Rockets have been coquettish. Playoff appearances but nothing to show for them. This year has the appearance of a promise with an MVP caliber season in James Harden and his supporting cast looking as capable as ever, but doom is revealing itself on the postseason horizon in the shape of the Golden State Warriors.

The Astros had arguably the most aggressive offseason in all of Major League Baseball. With the leadership of AJ Hinch and the promise of young talent, recent seasons have been exciting and despite the slow pace of the season the city has stuck around for the ride. Above all, it’s easy to be romantic about baseball.

Despite movies like ‘Friday Night Lights’ that reinvigorates our love for dramatic football, and ‘Coach Carter’ that inspires us to work just as hard off the basketball court as on it, baseball will always be baseball. Even with the changes the MLB is exploring to gain back viewership, there is something about the game of baseball that keeps us coming back unlike the unforgiving nature of the NFL and NBA. Whether the Astros are closest to a championship or not, they have the heart of Houston and need to put a ring on it.



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