By Garret Heinrich
by @GarretHeinrich

It’s early February and we are all just sitting here like:



Yeah, the one guy in the office brought his kid by to sell Girl Scout Cookies, so you have a box of Peanut Butter Patties half eaten (in 13 minutes) sitting next to you while you tap your fingers, but we are still just longingly awaiting the next football season.  And while we get a sweet little love from the NFL Draft in April, we really have to wait until late July for real football stuff to come about (and for Texans fans, they might have to wait longer since the Texans are taking their training camp to West Virginia).

What do we do with the six months of the year where we aren’t using our Tuesday through Friday just looking forward to football? (I don’t count Thursday Night Football, because no one looks forward to that, especially the players.)

Here are eight things you can start doing to help pass the time until Training Camp (I’m not even putting in, “Listen to SportsRadio 610 all day because it’s great” as one of the 8, so really there are 9 things).

1. Hiking


The good thing about when football ends in Houston, the weather is perfect. So get outdoors.  Go find a trail in Houston or the surrounding areas and start hiking. Houston Arboretum & Nature Center is a great place within the city, but if you want a little more out of the area, head up to the Sam Houston National Forrest. Breath the fresh air, see some birds, study your fantasy keeper situation while walking through the woods.

2. Take A Vow Of Celibacy

This escalated quickly.  I just warn of this: February through Mid-April is the time you don’t want to impregnate your lady friend(s). If you do that means that you will be expecting the bundle of joy right as the season winds down and that is not something you want.  Make those babies during the summer or during the season.  Halftimes are about 15 minutes. That should be plenty of time to still make a beer run.

3. Help A Neighbor With Landscaping

Everyone needs some help getting their grass and plants in order. Offer a helping hand. If your neighbors are all green thumbs then you can help our station’s program director. He tells us he is in need of some help. E-mail him at

4. Curling

Yes, Curling.  You are just under a year away from the Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Dedicate yourself, work hard and maybe, just maybe you can be heading to South Korea next February representing the USA! And guess what, Curing in Houston is easy. There is a Curling Club right here in town! Hit them up and get practicing.  Toss the rock, get on it hard, hit the button and win the end! (That won’t sound nearly as weird once you curl a few times.)

5. Start Brewing Beer

Yeah, you can make your own beer. It’s not very hard.  There are numerous brew shops around Houston that can help you get started.  Perfect the process and you won’t have to buy beer all next season.  Think about all the extra dips you can buy when you are brewing your own beer.

6. Spend Time With Your Family

For four months of the year, you ignore them every weekend to watch football. Finally take some time and learn your child’s middle name, take them to a movie, spend dinner talking to them about the art of pass blocking rather than yelling at Chris Clark about it.

7. Watch Every Episode Of Game Of Thrones

There are only two short seasons left of this amazing show. And even if you’ve already watched every one of the 60 episodes that have already aired, it isn’t a bad idea to relive everything before the second to last season begins this summer. If you don’t want to jump on the bandwagon of GOT, here are some other shows you can binge watch: Daredevil, The Crown, Sneaky Pete, Man In The High Castle, Narcos.  Go get on it.

8. Read Mock Drafts

We don’t actually suggest you do this. But if you want to stay in football mode all offseason, we guess you can start dissecting the literally hundreds of mock drafts out on the internets. It won’t help you at all, but at least you’ll feel like you’re plugged into the football world.


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